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This channels first intention is to provide entertainment through a balance of comedy, courage, creativity and consideration in a consistent manner. My desire, and ultimate intent, is that nobody feels attacked or upset as a result of our jokes. While we realize that this does happen sometimes due to the nature of our performances, continuous effort to entertain is always the first priority.

Second, I want you to feel personally connected to me by being open about my thoughts, emotions, vulnerabilities, and advice I believe to be worth sharing. I want your life to improve as a result of watching these videos. I want to inspire you to not be afraid of pursuing what you want. I want to give you hope and tangible solutions for the conflicts in your life that seem impossible. Every video will not embody all these intentions. The channel, as a whole, will strive for this each and every day.


11:46Bringing All My Taxes to a Taxidermist
11:46RC Car with Train Horns on Golf Course
56:00Best of Ross 2020
Best of Ross 2020Vistas 2,2 MHace 3 meses
11:46Switching Push/Pull Signs on Public Doors
11:46Blind Guy Compliments People's Outfits
11:46Bringing Nerf Guns to a Shooting Range


  • I’m surprised you lived honestly

  • Hire photographers to follow you around and pretend your a fashion model

  • bro thats messed up to put anything like lipstick or shampoo on any animal human hygeene products dont belong on animals imma call aspca

  • Pretend your possessed by a demon in public fake vomit and shove a crucifix where the sun don’t shine that’s some reactions just out shopping randomly turn into a horror movie 🎥 isle 6

  • Call a locksmith because you're locked out of your computer/forgot password.

  • Kole said “beancan lincoln” and nobody listened

  • 0:45 Hhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • 2:00 if my favorite part of this video

  • The camera man is just invisible now????

  • I literally did this yesterday lmao

  • you did a good thing, you know if it was cop the outcome would have been 100% different.

  • 5:14 I can’t find any better example of Florida man💀💀💀

  • Kole is the definition of a Florida man

  • I forgive you Lindy

  • you should try to go fishing at a pool

  • I think everyone has to teepee Ross’s house this year

  • What brand skim board?

  • U guys should go to like the mall and taste the perfume samples😂

  • He said like 400 times istg

  • i feel like that dude at 6:19 was staring into my soul

  • Hahhaha

  • One can’t pass up going on an adventure while visiting adventure island 😆😆👍🏻

  • hello

  • Can we just talk about how the title of the video wasn’t actually relevant for the 1st 5-6 minutes out of an almost 13 minute video

  • 6:51 “I may be blind, but I have a cute earring”

  • best of 2020 should have been this video

  • (VID IDEA). Go Fishing in a mud pile next to the road

  • Go to like a movie thing at a park and pretend to be blind and sitting down facing the wrong direction

  • 6:00 he be cruisin

  • Crocodile tears for all the shit she just talked 🤗

  • Reminds me of the time me and my buddy rolled up to Walmart, and I jumped outta his trunk in a gorilla costume. This black lady with a 2 year old in the cart was dying laughing and screaming "Scare my baby, scare my baby!" So I ran out and hooted and beat my chest aggresively, child screaming, mother crying in laughter, and then my buddy pulled out and popped the trunk. I hopped back in and shut the hatch and we were gone like that.

  • 11:16 amazin :)

  • The homeless could have eaten those beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You should place a bell somewhere and when someone rings it, a shirtless guy with a bird mask comes out of hiding and chases them.

  • Break into someone’s house and put pictures of a famous “Rob” then wake up the residents and tell them that they’ve been robbed.

  • u want a candy ? jesus that made me

  • 3:50 game of 🅱️e🅰️nS

  • You should eat a ring pop and take it too a jeweler

  • Ill Never forget the time you and Kole made a kid hate nature 😂 im going back to the car 😂

  • Y'all should do screaming in public restrooms

  • So we never going to get Melody’s @ ?

  • I've only witnessed girls getting this wasted ... Yikes

  • I would do anything to hang out with these dude for a day. Hanging with vlog creations is #1 on my bucket list. #wishfulthnking...

  • Get a real looking baldcap and do this lol


  • You should tell people it’s a prank then pull of the prank right after telling them 😂😂

  • Call the number that says how’s my driving and say how good they are driving everyone always calls when it’s bad but never good

  • HAHssssssss !

  • Y’all put a roll cage in a porta potty lol. Y’all definitely ain’t runnin’ out of ideas anytime soon lol.

  • Dress ur nephew up as Caesar and go into little Caesar’s

  • Taking your phone to the doctor cause it died

  • Bro! Do a Yard Sale. But only sell the yard. Like blades of grass or something lol.

  • it has 666 dislikes

  • Get a driving test with someone in the trunk

  • You should run over there tees when they get them set up

  • Ask random people to take your car on a walk

  • The car is a smart idea

  • It's painful how much girls love Ross

  • Lol the boomer making a leaf joke without knowing. if he was a real og he’d been like “do you work for Raul? Then you need to make like a tree and leaf!!”🥴

  • Why the hell he got his belly button pierced

  • Lol the look on that birds face was priceless

  • I honestly cant think of anything that would be more offensive than taking a shit and putting it someone else's pants

  • That made me laugh

  • Set up an ice cream stand but when they buy “ice cream” give them the stand

  • kole a fgking legend

  • This reminds me when I let my son go with two friends to the mall in a bagged S-10 he came back embarrassed and says " Dad... they actually thought it was cool to hit the switch where it was crowded, how embarrassing, I'm never going with them again"! He was 12 years old then.

  • The eight system neurally reproduce because cabinet trivially bow at a nutritious stopwatch. living, special packet

  • 2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.


  • I swear these guys always do the dumbest stuff and I love it 😂😂😂

  • Mans be limpin

  • Got an idea. What if you go to a random shop or office and say you say that you quit

  • He sounds like sky does Minecraft

  • Bean can lincoln

  • Ross you make a very convincing yet simultaneous robotic and goofy drill seargent

  • "Follow him home and burn his house down" LOL

  • Not the hero we deserve but the hero we needed