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This channels first intention is to provide entertainment through a balance of comedy, courage, creativity and consideration in a consistent manner. My desire, and ultimate intent, is that nobody feels attacked or upset as a result of our jokes. While we realize that this does happen sometimes due to the nature of our performances, continuous effort to entertain is always the first priority.

Second, I want you to feel personally connected to me by being open about my thoughts, emotions, vulnerabilities, and advice I believe to be worth sharing. I want your life to improve as a result of watching these videos. I want to inspire you to not be afraid of pursuing what you want. I want to give you hope and tangible solutions for the conflicts in your life that seem impossible. Every video will not embody all these intentions. The channel, as a whole, will strive for this each and every day.


11:46Hiring a Lawyer to Go to Food Court with Me
56:00Best of Ross 2020
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11:46Switching Push/Pull Signs on Public Doors
11:46Blind Guy Compliments People's Outfits
11:46Taking My Receipt but Leaving my Groceries
11:46Bringing Nerf Guns to a Shooting Range
11:46Getting My Hair Cut with a Wig On
Getting My Hair Cut with a Wig OnVistas 2,8 MHace 5 meses


  • "dude that was my wife's favourite cup"

  • not the goochie shirt 😔

  • Dipping milk in cookies.

  • you should sneak pockets into peoples pockets. just an idea

  • that ending tho.........

  • go to a restaurant and weigh the steak on a scale; ( to get refund if wrong weight)

  • 7:18 bruh imagine being that lame. What a douche.

  • Hey Ross you should go into a gas station and say you “tanked” on pump 4 (whatever number) and then they’ll say, we don’t see that you used any gas. Tell them “ohh no I tanked a nerf bullet (obviously) 😂😂

  • The Salvation Army guy kinda made me feel bad he was so nice

  • Do you like to play bingo? 😂😂😂

  • I love how yall used the same clip of ross scooping the ice cream with his hand 3 times

  • End of the video really hit hard man ❤️

  • I cant watch your vids sometimes they make me feel like I'm doing something awkward 😫

  • I still think this is hilarious

  • ok i actually have the best idea in the comments.....go to a place parking is super crowded and park and act like ur walking to your car to leave and someone asks you where you parked and they follow you...get in the car start to drive out then slowly reverse back in and then act like you’re going back into the place 😂😂

  • Dude l fucking love u bro!

  • You guys should go somewhere where you can try on clothing before you buy it and use the fitting room to try on gloves

  • 6:10 thats one of the dinosoar cistumes mr beast used in his videos i wonder if that person was one of the volunteers in his video

  • Yo what’s the insta lemme get it

  • Covid made this a real thing

  • If I have a store and so many people show up I do a sale for sure

  • He legit is a good lawyer

  • Imagine sparkin up with this guy😂

  • 3:39 a vending machine of money

  • Lol the pickle jar prank was hilarious

  • That chic is so obviously fake. Should’ve pranked her back,

  • 👍👍👍

  • He... he actually washed with the toilet water

  • The thumbnail makes me want to send a Nuke to North Korea

  • The dude in the grey tank top was the biggest wannabe ever

  • 5:35 I couldn't understand what he was saying either until the last time he said it.

  • Whos Charles?

  • i was scared one of those dudes was gonna break the jar and get fucked up

  • The cooks need to get paid too

  • Did anyone realise at ~1:00 eli raised his hand too?

  • Lol i love the car warranty jokes omg they get me everytime

  • Yeo go to a batting cage with that bag that golfers use but instead have variety of bats of size lengths

  • Bro I love ur videos there hilarious and make my day

  • K no joke here, I live in Asia and most of the salons are spelled wrong and spelled as saloon. Its hilarious. We joke about it all the time. The best one I saw was named "So High Beauty Saloon"

  • This might seem a bit insane but I’ve always wondered how it would be to go to a yard sale look for something that catches your eyes get the price leave come back with 2x the price throw the money down an run with the item 🤣maybe that could be good content?

  • Officially my new favorite joke. Yo mama so stupid she brought a lawyer to the food court 😂

  • 4:08 lol

  • Yessir ross😂🔥 love the vids does the goat respond tho

  • Ohhh what a great couple 😎.

  • You should be on the phone and hand people stuff in a store.

  • He took a double Decker

  • Pay in the exact change then tell them keep the change

  • Go to an Apple store with fake AirPods and an Android.

  • 14:05 witnessing a goped bigfoot in the wild

  • The color glases for Eli was dope, super nice!

  • You should glue a coffee cup to the top of your car roof

  • You crazy dude...

  • Rule #1 if you wanna be a police officer, leave people's necks alone. That kills people carl. But seriously...that isn't cool. I have video of a cop holding my face in the dirt preventing me from breathing, then a week later george floyd was killed.

  • 8:50 its so funny because I just watched that video on Rosscreations😂😂😂😂

  • if only we could fence off all of florida.

  • Ross is the Florida man everybody talks about.

  • lol this is too good

  • I want an ice cream vending cart so bad. I don't care about the money, I have just always wanted to sell ice cream to my community. I have been trying to make one, I can't buy one, I don't have the materials to make one. :/

  • Here’s a vid idea Chase after a bus when it leaves a bus stop, and if it stops, just keep running

  • Jame Ron

  • Always that d.friga was your brother 🙄

  • new vid idea: driving up next to someone drinking something with the hydralics on while its splashing everywhere

  • Imagine having the social skills to walk into a stranger's party and become the most popular guy there in 5 minutes

  • Fill computer with cookies

  • Watch the babys face 0:40 😂😂

  • I bet some place like Best Buy or the bank would maybe have more security

  • Pressed the like button for the Pantera, Priest, and classic Ozzy

  • Take a shot every time the man says "like"

  • not your best video... food court wasnt really funny

  • Did you do this to a van a couple years ago or ever see something similar happen before??? I ask cuz a van that I bought that was previously at a texas car auction... looks like this exact thing was done in it!!! NO JOKE!!!!! Lmao

  • Ross’s blood is so precious

  • If lawyer guy was w me last night at the bell 100% they dont forget my hot sauces

  • Ross I love you your my role model you you just always make the best of life

  • The amazon fire truck and the parking pass was just a little more money then I wanted to spend

  • I forgot to mention that it would be a big foot prank

  • 5:00 I wanna do this prank but instead of frtios chips, its glass chips scattered everywhere.

  • You guys need to do one where you go to Washington and you’re wearing a Chewbacca suit and you walk on the side of the road in the forest but also hide in the trees but make it so that people notice

  • Fun stuff. Never liked this channel till I tried it a second time

  • Drive up to people amd do the coffe thing

  • Was the chocolate cake thing for real or just acting? If its acting then ite disrespectful to those who go through that kind of suffering.