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This channels first intention is to provide entertainment through a balance of comedy, courage, creativity and consideration in a consistent manner. My desire, and ultimate intent, is that nobody feels attacked or upset as a result of our jokes. While we realize that this does happen sometimes due to the nature of our performances, continuous effort to entertain is always the first priority.

Second, I want you to feel personally connected to me by being open about my thoughts, emotions, vulnerabilities, and advice I believe to be worth sharing. I want your life to improve as a result of watching these videos. I want to inspire you to not be afraid of pursuing what you want. I want to give you hope and tangible solutions for the conflicts in your life that seem impossible. Every video will not embody all these intentions. The channel, as a whole, will strive for this each and every day.


0:22Give Up On Your Passion
Give Up On Your PassionVistas 67 milHace un día
0:18Sneaking Extra Weight into Peoples Workouts
0:23Biting Toenails in a Library #Shorts
Biting Toenails in a Library #ShortsVistas 59 milHace un día
0:31Asking People Which President This Is
0:17Convertible with Umbrella
Convertible with UmbrellaVistas 286 milHace 14 días
0:41RC Car with Train Horns on Golf Course
0:32Taking My Receipt but Leaving my Groceries
Taking My Receipt but Leaving my GroceriesVistas 388 milHace 21 un día
0:08Lemonade Stand on the Interstate
Lemonade Stand on the InterstateVistas 338 milHace 21 un día
0:12Do You Have Any Extra Food?
Do You Have Any Extra Food?Vistas 788 milHace 21 un día
0:05Passing Joggers in My Motorized Porta Potty
Passing Joggers in My Motorized Porta PottyVistas 161 milHace 21 un día
0:09Dropping Anvils on Peoples Heads #Shorts
Dropping Anvils on Peoples Heads #ShortsVistas 2,7 MHace 21 un día
0:19Elevator Pitch #Shorts
Elevator Pitch #ShortsVistas 217 milHace 28 días
0:13Asking People for Money #Shorts
Asking People for Money #ShortsVistas 253 milHace un mes
0:11Pillow Fight with Ross #Shorts
Pillow Fight with Ross #ShortsVistas 158 milHace un mes