Blind Guy Compliments People's Outfits

Publicado el 8 feb 2021
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Buying rings
0:11 Throwing rings over people’s shoulders metal detecting
3:28 FedEx guy
4:48 Shopping
5:24 Happy Gilmore swing
5:55 Bling guy complimenting people’s outfits
7:43 Cant stop laughing
9:42 Juggling with camera man
9:57 He’s been in a video before
10:41 Kickball spotting
11:09 Spanked every day


  • 0:02 Buying rings 0:11 Throwing rings over people’s shoulders metal detecting 3:28 FedEx guy 4:48 Shopping 5:24 Happy Gilmore swing 5:55 Bling guy complimenting people’s outfits 7:43 Cant stop laughing 9:42 Juggling with camera man 9:57 He’s been in a video before 10:41 Kickball spotting 11:09 Spanked every day

    • @Techy_ Dude21 Try harder buddy

    • Bling bling guy

    • @Edward Grayson Definitely, been watching on flixzone for since november myself :)

    • a trick : watch series at Flixzone. I've been using them for watching loads of movies these days.

    • you forgot: 2:54 his head spits a ball

  • I'm funny and I find this blind.

  • cole being so proud of himself for knowing what the kickball was... im dead

  • 6:40 Lmaooo

  • Hello. 👋🏼 Jesus is coming back soon, 🕊I wanted to tell you to find God, 🙏🏼 before it’s too late. 😇 Have a blessed day.

  • 7:05 when two ESmain are doing a video at once: 😭💀💀

  • 7:52 - 9:40 is just shitting on eli you, can even tell that eli looks upset. Ross just sounds like a bad "friend", and they left Eli him at the bottom of the mountain, I wouldn't want to be friends with Ross.

  • Ross on roof: "can you see me?"

  • 2:53 ross spit a ball

  • kole has the best vibes

  • This is amazing

  • I used to be 22

  • How does this channel not have at least 10 mill

  • blind guy with a metal detector

  • 7:25 let's move down the mask so I can hear better

  • Me: damn he gives me a compliment well damn thanks tho

  • I haven’t laughed so hard in my life to the baseball seen

  • Why don't he just swing the bat 😂😂

  • Swing! 🤣

  • i love you ross, but damn (0:00) put that fuckin mask on. is it that hard?

  • 4:30 what video is this? Lol

  • I died when he started singing

  • "That sounds like a really good shirt sir."

  • um whats it called? "kickball" no the park lololol

  • Yoooo that old guy was super nice

  • 7:21 That sounds like a nice shirt mam

  • The hat wasn't even a golf club, it was under armour like whaat???

  • See the joke here is that if he would actually be blind, he couldn't see that outfit.

  • Idk how much money you all make but you could really use a new camera man

  • My grandpa actually did find a couples wedding ring while metal detecting at the beach and ended up returning it to the owners. I forget how but it was a crazy story he was so proud of. Poor guy in this video.

  • Ross is my safe space spirit animal crossed lover lost in the stairs.

  • 22?! Bruv looks 32, minimum.

  • It's a compilation of unexpected jokes with perfect timings

  • 0:00 Bling guy complimenting people's outfits, I do love blind people

  • I can juggle too bro love the passing

  • i too drive for fedex, but unfortunately not anywhere near ross' house :( this man has a good route!

  • Bro... What if a blind guy saw this?

  • Pulls mask down to hear better

  • 7:23 girl takes off her sunglasses and mask because she couldn't hear him, 200iq

  • He's 50? He's cute 🤣

  • I love Eli

  • when he said i cant support the "Say can you see?" song i couldn't stop laughing lol

  • Thats the only good thing about working non union. If the company likes you they can give you better stuff. I work for UPS which is unionized and the good trucks go to the seniors always

  • Cover your body with facemasks


  • these dudes must have wanted to be on jackass so bad when they were kids lol

  • Eli sucks at baseball

  • Hey the fed ex guy was real chill bring him back as a regular

  • when you play kickball use the top/inside of your foot instead of toes, you will boot that ball over the fence easily.,

  • I know some thing u can do I've done it with my cousin and really funny reaction when u see a bus run after it and if it stop just keep running

  • Y are u so mean to Eli bruh. Rude is not cute ☺️

    • Bruh its not that deep, if you guys dont make fun of eachother its not a good friendship

  • go play baseball in public, but when you swing, swing backwards and take a base.

  • Best therapy ever lol

  • Where have you been my whole life? That laugh makes me ROLL

  • "oh....50"

  • The guy is "legally" blind but illegally he has a perfect vision 20/20.

  • A priest that exercising a gym

  • Your guys videos are awesome! Brings joy to my day! 😂🤣😂🤣❤️

  • 2:43 look its a Ross cannon

  • Poor Eli... they are so mean to him.

  • Cole: That sounds like a nice shirt !

  • I know that dude (eli) can take a joke-cause I’ve been watching vlog creations long enough to know that he’s usually having a good time and is laughing. He is definitely a good sport when jokes are made, even at his expense! (Most of the folks in these vlogs can take a personal joke and are pretty chill when it comes to stuff like that-so he fits right in for sure I know) And as for Ross, I know he always tries to be as respectful and as considerate as he can be, while remaining true or authentic to his self and his style of humor! He even stated in one of his videos after this on his channel, while talking to Kole and Eli, that if he says anything out of pocket to any of his friends, to let him know directly so he can learn from it, and not repeat his mistake. And that his friends are really important to him (Including Eli) I do think in that moment on the baseball field, Ross kinda pushed it too far-maybe it was because he simultaneously listed all of eli’s ‘flaws’ or ‘moments’ in front of everyone (?) I also think the timing and placement of that exchange didn’t help either, with the fed ex guy standing right next to him, on a hot field, probably tired as hell too, playing a sport that he’s not really into and getting dogged on slowly, ya know? But at the end of the day, I know ya’ll handled it well-and appreciate the ‘group’ as individuals, and as a whole-by bringing joy and authenticity thru this site! I also like that this is a growing moment that we as viewers can witness! So in a way, keep up the good work, but stay mindful, okay!! (Sending love from Cali 🙂)

  • I like to think Ross went through his personal closet and gave the FedEx guy some of his own clothes, it's more funny that way

  • “How old are you” “22” “I used to be 22” Lmaooo

  • you guys are so lame !! your pushing me to start a channel ! if people can actually subscribe to this crap they'll subscribe to anything !!

  • Imagine sparkin up with this guy😂

  • 3:39 a vending machine of money

  • bro fedX guy is so cool like he was at walmart now fedX

  • We need the FedEx guy to stay

  • Literally nobody has noticed it says “bling guy” instead of “blind guy”. Or maybe I just didn’t scroll down daft enough to find someone who has.

  • 7:03 that sounds like a nice shirt hahaha

  • Kole and Ross are the greatest duo

  • Omg this is soo offensive like what if a blind person saw thi- oh wait

  • "Bling guy" lol

  • hahaha you should do more of this

  • "Yeah me f*cking too" Pure gold

  • Eli is such a baseball dummy.

  • Kole is such a great actor


  • The ending “tink” from the bat hitting the kickball made me die. 😭

  • Kole yelling at Eli to swing the bat is the funniest thing I have seen on this channel.

  • they're being mean to Eli in this video.

  • I like how he’s making fun off off blind people but they can’t be upset cause then never will see this video

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  • I once got my dad pissed during church service so he would take me downstairs to spank me. He asked why aren't you crying? I was like, I just needed a break. We've been sitting up there for over 4 hours now.

    • idk why i’ve seen this, but i’m not *not* entertained

    • @GhostFace * righttt

    • Hahahaha

    • I was so confused on why you were telling us this but then I saw the last part of the video

    • 4 hours? That's crazy bro

  • Fun Fact: In California it is against the law to use a blind walking stick if you are not blind

  • Eli is dumb on purpose


  • No one gonna talk about how hurt Eli looked when they were dogging him in the cut out.. :,( he looked depressed but he had to smile and laugh for the video..

  • 2:20 good man.

  • I fucking love you guys I wish I could be there just for 1 video

  • 'it's on ESmain video?' 'yeah it's on ESmain video' 'yeah, I don't care'

  • This isnt funny making fun of blind people is just dumb and rude

  • Where can I see the fedex video ?

  • 8:37 me when my friend looks at me in class

  • Eli is done with your sh*t

  • 7:24 A classic taking your mask off to hear better

  • Kickball 😂

  • I threw up from laughing at Cole yelling at Eli 😂

  • “On the fuckin ledge?” “Yeah” 😂😂😂

  • Everything around the prank is best