Blind Guy Compliments People's Outfits

Publicado el 8 feb 2021
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Buying rings
0:11 Throwing rings over people’s shoulders metal detecting
3:28 FedEx guy
4:48 Shopping
5:24 Happy Gilmore swing
5:55 Bling guy complimenting people’s outfits
7:43 Cant stop laughing
9:42 Juggling with camera man
9:57 He’s been in a video before
10:41 Kickball spotting
11:09 Spanked every day


  • 0:02 Buying rings 0:11 Throwing rings over people’s shoulders metal detecting 3:28 FedEx guy 4:48 Shopping 5:24 Happy Gilmore swing 5:55 Bling guy complimenting people’s outfits 7:43 Cant stop laughing 9:42 Juggling with camera man 9:57 He’s been in a video before 10:41 Kickball spotting 11:09 Spanked every day

  • They actually took the time to record a small clip the rings falling on the ground

  • Go to the doctors with a hurt leg, then put a wrist brace on your wrist saying that you thought it would help your leg.

  • You and Danny Duncan should collab

  • Walk up to somebody and salute them and say “thank you for your service”

  • Awww poor Eli. Please let us know hes alright. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes but I been in the position where all your "friends" laugh at your unfortunate circumstances...

  • I was starting to get into his videos again because I used to watch him in highschool but him and his bum buddies treating Eli like that is fucked up.

  • He better stop with the Eli bullying. I think majority of us have been there before whether that be in school or with family. It doesn't feel good and it's definitely traumatic to some extent. They better watch themselves, look at jeffree with Trisha or David Dobrik with all the people coming out of bullying and harassment.

  • Bruh y’all sometimes be kinda fuckin rude to eli Like when Eli said “yeah like when y’all left me at the bottom of the mountain and I didn’t even get to ski”

  • Bruh I was waiting for that last part the whole video 😂🤣😭💀

  • The fed ex guy looked like he didn’t want to be there

  • Everyone in the comments acting like they're part of their group and know how Eli is feeling. At the end of the day, we don't know these people.

  • You should give a random jod an obviously fake application with ridiculous information and have someone come in that fits the description.

  • 3:21 Why there is a flying Pterodactyl behind them

  • This dude is so NOT funny. He's a bore.

  • It’s so crazy. My names Kyler just like the guy in the video.

  • 7:08 Ross is such a legend lol

  • Ross at 7:03 on the roof was so random 😂 I love it “can you see me?”

  • 69k nice.

  • 7:23 Woman pulls mask down to hear better 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  • Everybody in the comment section that’s complaining about them bullying Eli are a bunch of overly sensitive snowflakes if you have friends they’ll be times where you bully each other just for the fuck of it. If you grew up with brothers you’ll understand their relationship.

  • Your videos really help relieve my anxiety

  • Just realized every upload is 11:46 long .... 👁👄👁

  • 7:24 the lady took her mask off her nose just to hear him better

  • Eli is probably sad :(

  • Mole guy is annoying

  • go into a starbucks and give them your name for the drink then when they shout your name at the end of the counter act like they mustve recognised you because youre extremely famous and insist they take a selfie with you and get autographs

  • Fedex gets him a truck for doing good, Ross gets him a kickball XD

  • Lmafo fucking Ross standing up on the roof in the middle of the skit 😂😂😂

  • Go to a laundromat and put a piece of clothing in each washer so nobody can use them!

  • Vlog Creations is an awesome channel. Ross is so funny. I started making prank videos again. One of my videos has 1.2 million views, I just uploaded a crazy new prank video. I've got a COVID prank video, sick skateboarding vids & lots of other cool videos. Check out my channel & let me know what you think

  • 6:50

  • hes like mr beast but different

  • It would have really been funny if Eli ran toward Ross for hitting him with the balls.

  • “Oh say can you see” I can't support that 😂😭 6:55

  • Kyler getting a kickball as his prize is like a 5th great class raising $500 for a fundraiser and getting a popsicle party as a reward 😂

  • Kyler was such a nice dude omg 😭

  • Guys Eli is old enough to leave the group if he doesn’t feel like he’s getting treated fairly... and he’s still there so obviously he’s cool with it

  • When Ross gets going laughing it gets me going too and i love it man 😂😂😂

  • Yo what are you doing, I'm working what r u doing Oh yeah on the ledge? Yeah That's fd up Had me rolling

  • Is this in florida??

  • “50?... he’s cute” THAT HAD ME DYING BRO 😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

  • It was cool that you brought the fedex guy on this cause his video clip was hilarious 😂

  • 6:57 isnt that the guy from the speaker doing fart sounds prank?

  • Imagine a blind guy just giving you a compliment lmaoo that would be the funniest thing ever

  • Why can I not find the original video of the FedEx guy? I've looked through so many videos and can't figure out which one he was in.

  • Bling guy

  • Poor Eli. I love all your videos Ross keep up the work . I couldn’t stop laughing 😆

  • Check out ayden Palmon channel jumping fire pit

  • 10 mins went by in 2 seceonds

  • This guy is 22 an I’m 22 to an haven’t figured out wtf I wanna do with my life btw he don’t even look 22

  • “Oh 50...” “He’s cute.” 🤣🤣🤣


  • Bro hilarious at the Walgreens or whatever dude was like WTH. I laughed so hard my Guy

  • did that lady pull her mask down to hear better? ._.

  • “You’re working? That’s fucked up” the dude on the roof 💀

  • I stopped watching videos for a few months and have been rewatching everything and let’s just say it’s been a great morning 😂😂😂

  • you need to just have kyler hang with you guys. he doesnt need a job at fedex you can pay him

  • Always manages to get on a roof 😂😂

  • “50” “He’s cute” 😂😂

  • These videos are hurting my stomach laughing ffs

  • @11:40 it look like Ross spit up a ball

  • Eli, juat hit the ball. Its not that hard xD

  • Y'all he wasn't serious you guys need to chill. They talked about this, eli and everyone there make sure noone feels bad afterwards. If he did they'd have cut it out

  • Crossing my fingers that the same thing that happened to the Fedex guy, happens to me. 😂

  • Bruh all his vids are the same time 11:46

  • Dont ask how but I accidentally misplaced my vacuum cleaner

  • The part with eli batting fun the funniest part of the video

  • 7:20 that lady hears with her mouth and probably eats with her ears

  • Ross: “did you tell him it was a joke” Kole:..... Ross:..... Kole:.... no......

  • This shit is gold

  • Thought Ross was taking a break from ESmain then I realized, naw YT just unsubbed me

  • Did anyone else get an ad to a porn site while watching this was called singlebunny I think...that was unexpected. 😂🤦‍♂️

  • ross dies of laughing so many times he couldn’t even throw the ball bahaha i’m crying

  • Ayo that Kyler kid is dope lmao

  • Fking hilarious! Who dislikes this videos!?

  • Damn not cool Ross

  • i need context here. what's with the fedex guy ?

  • You guys make me happy. Thank you.

  • I would have told the guy on the roof I couldn't find the escalator so I took the ladder

  • "that sounds like a really nice shirt" LMAOOOO

  • Be a lil nicer to Eli. It’s not nice to bully people. There’s a difference between joking and bullying and you guys were definitely bullying.

  • You dont even know how much I was laughing when giving compliments blind

  • There is a difference in being funny and being an asshole chill out on Eli dude

  • i feel so bad for eli

  • 11:31 Omg, I can't believe you put POT in a video! 🤔

  • "How old is your son?" "He's 50" "Oh he's cute" Lmaoooooooooi

  • 7:46 I was DYING When Kole was getting mad at Eli for not hitting the Baseballs, This is Why I Love Ross. He Always Comes Through with the most Random but Hilarious Content

  • eli is fat 🙏🏼🙁

  • Kole is low key f’in hilarious

  • “O say can you see... and I just can’t support that.” That was funny af

  • you guys are literally the funniest people on youtube. i live right by yall and I've been watching you for over and year and I find all of your content hilarious


  • This is racist

  • that guy was so nice to give him back the things he found

  • Damn y’all some douche bags for fucking with that old guy

  • I forgot about people who search for valuables with the metal detectors! I used to see someone at the park down the street from me always searching around haha

  • Eli BASH his shins with that baseball bat

  • Yo.... i simply lost it. Eliiii let somebody else bat. Bro that had me flip

  • Com’on Eli