Blind Man Trying to Use Obviously Fake Money

Publicado el 7 sep 2020
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Flirting with Guys in Front of their Girlfriends
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0:00 Timestamps
0:02 Holding the door slightly open for people 2
0:50 No Fishing Sign
1:10 Replacing parent’s pool with a rusty one

2:09 I could see myself in this car
2:47 Sniffing Dog
3:22 Blind man trying to use obvi fake money
6:37 Children’s tears

7:27 Sky-Zone

8:13 Indoor Skydiving
11:03 Long bell


  • 0:02 Holding the door slightly open for people 2 0:50 No Fishing Sign 1:10 Replacing parent’s pool with a rusty one 2:09 I could see myself in this car 2:47 Sniffing Dog 3:22 Blind man trying to use obvi fake money 6:37 Children’s tears 7:27 Sky-Zone 8:13 Indoor Skydiving 11:03 Long bell

    • Hey Ross love your vids man


    • Do this again but with a little kid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Go into a restaurant, make a mess on your face while you're eating and keep asking for more napkins each time your waitress walks by 🤣

    • You should do a video where you return a used (fake) toilet plunger and see how customer service reacts.

  • That helmit still looked small x'D

  • R.I.P. Skyzone 😪

  • 6:36 his face is so red hahha

  • 2:54 he flips over

  • Drink the blood of babies yea you laugh but it’s 💯 true.

  • yo why isn't he wearing a mask

  • Charles Ross

  • Ross: *pretends to "suck Elliot"* *A wild ad has appeared!* The ad: *How to make a DIY straw* 😂

  • Chill bro what if a blind person saw this video

  • I go to Sarasota every year. I hope I see you bro! I love the content and appreciate you. Always got me cracking up lol

  • Thats f*ckin hilarious

  • Who else like legit just learned Ross is related to hooligan christian

  • Try using a $35 dollar bill

  • 5:47 so disrespectful laughing at a blind person. What if a blind person saw that😌

    • Bro your comment is so rude what if a blind person saw it

  • I don’t understand why nobody said just take the water, no charge. It really doesn’t make any sense to me. Even if I worked there I would off said take it and I would of put my own money in the register.

  • Elliot is the coolest little kid.

  • It would be helpful if you checkout my channel

  • 2:54 He almost got dropkicked by a dog.

  • 7:15 bro

  • "We can't use this" "How come?" "I don't know, how come?" Sounds to me that the manager needs to do a better job explaining to the cashier, and the cashier needs a need job if she can't figure out why.

  • hehe

  • Big Head = Big Brain .... LOL .... You have no excuse . HAHA

  • 2:51 I’m DEAD 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • If I was the cashier I will just pay for him

  • That kids truck at the end 👀 he’s like 12

  • Go to a business and say out loud I'm not robbing anybody

  • Hitting on girls boyfriends. You could probably get a few good reactions 😂

  • 6:36 I know he said not yet but it's not what I heard 😂

  • I’ve done ifly before it’s so fun

  • Im just picturing ross micing himself up for the skydive and using the audio where you can hear nothing

  • “i was just trying to smell his but.” i’m done

  • Can you do the indoor skydiving with a very fat person?

  • Since when is there 2160p??

  • 5:50 if you was really blind that's a lawsuit lmao.

  • The cashier tries handing back the fake bill and Ross forgot he was playing a blind man for a sec, reaching for the bill😭

  • How did I know this dude knew or is related to hooligan christan

  • No one’s mentioning how Ross could become a professional skydiver if he wanted to, apparently? The instructor was really really impressed

  • That flight instructor sounds like the Joker.

  • "I was just tryna smell his but"

  • My uncle who’s blind is a big fan he watches all the time

  • 2:52 this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Yeah cause a blind guy can cut grass pressure wash and paints walls

  • 3:22

  • YOUR SO SEXY! Js 😉

  • dont worry I have a big head to

  • i is have a crush on the redhead cashier girl

  • Hey tards....if you see your favorite ESmainr in the middle of a prank, how about waiting until the prank Is over to approach "aRe YoU VlOg CrEaTiOnS"

  • 2:54 the dog 💀

  • Weird

  • On the sky zone i did that and they sent me up really high i was scared i was gonna get shredded from the blade in the top (also, it is extremely loud, wear earbuds when doing it irl)

  • 2:09 do that but with people in the car.

  • Go around neighborhoods blasting Ice cream van music and laugh at the kids who come out

  • Pretend to be blind and ride around on a bike hitting people with your cane and running into stuff

  • I’m blind and this video was really offensive to me

  • I love how this guy instead of clickbaiting and putting the wrong clips 1st, they put timestamps so we know what we're watching

  • As a blind man, "i painted my brothers house" lol

  • That’s not at all accurate celebrities don’t drink the blood of babies they abort them😎🇺🇸

  • This is great because... blind people can’t get offended unless someone shows this to them... Then it’s just their problem.

  • Aww your mom seems cool dude

  • lol so funny committing a felony trying to use fake money to buy something.

    • @Billy Jones they normally reveal the joke though, but I get what your saying

    • @VaultMan i understand it's a prank for the content, but say a random person came in with that money and insisted it was real they could be arrested. if the cops were called.

    • @Billy Jones like I said, all for the content. Even a toddler could see that the money is fake.

    • @VaultMan but he was trying to buy something and he is not blind

    • Its obviously fake money, and hes not trying to buy anything, it's just for the content

  • No one talking about how the mom has a dual monitor set up lol

  • That’s your cousin no way

  • The dog fell on his back

  • This is the reverse mebeast

  • As a fisherman myself we just wanna catch Fish and if a sign says no fishing that must mean the fishing is sauce right at the bridge or wherever a sign is

  • i dont get the pranks were you try to commit asks of fraud ...... why?

  • Did someone prank that kid with his haircut? If not id get a refund 😂

  • 5:35 lmaooo I thought she was going to pay for it

  • Get a job as a cashier and reject real money as fake.

  • Tell people you are going to give them a million dollars then give them a fake million dollar bill.

  • Hooligan!!!! I LOVE HIM 😲 he's so funny last I saw him was with steezy Kane bro I'm so happyyy😭

  • Bro why are these fans so dumb if I saw you in person I'd go along with the prank and be like" yoo wassup bruh it's me john (not my name) u remember me from the blind camp? I was the volunteer bro"

  • 5:18 money is actually cotton

  • 10:17 he's talking about the big head

  • wowww they could have at least given him a free water

  • His brother looks abit like tom holland

  • Call a woman’s rights group and ask to speak to the man in charge


  • now thats what you call an air matress

  • 2:52 Ross didn’t even laugh from his brother. He laughed from the Dog tipping over. This is so funny 😂

  • Dog just casually flips over

  • U look like a manlier Jake paul

  • 6:52 "its...its a pistol"

  • This is what blog should be u agree

  • 2:51 that flip

  • Who else thought the skydiving thing was a chiropractor?

  • I may never meet Ross, but if I do, I sure as hell ain’t ruining his joke just to talk to him

  • im blind and i found this video offensive

  • I Died at 2:50 😭😂🤣😂🤣

  • 6:46 funny

  • 6:56

  • 2:53 i died when the dog tipped 😂

  • Fishing right next to the no fishing sign that’s what sold it there 😂🤣

  • "ArE yOu RoSs CrEaTiOnS?" Lile wtf you think, shut up homie you blowing his cover lol

  • I have tickets for sky diving from my last bday (jan 5) and I still haven't used them because of covid, but I had no clue they were open haha


  • Why does he kinda sound and laugh like dream?

  • 6:36 King of the N-bomb

  • I was the 77K like!!