Bringing a Super Long Fork to a Restaurant and Stealing People's Food

Publicado el 9 nov 2020
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Practicing Eating
0:25 Morning Routine
2:26 Paying Back Eva
3:00 Kole Biting his Toenails
3:39 Rolly Chairs in Van
4:55 Bringing a Super Long Fork to a Restaurant and Stealing People’s Food
7:54 008
8:20 Walking in Village
9:20 008 BTS
10:20 Backyard Baseball
10:47 Masssage
11:11 008 Take 3


  • 0:02 Practicing Eating 0:25 Morning Routine 2:26 Paying Back Eva 3:00 Kole Biting his Toenails 3:39 Rolly Chairs in Van 4:55 Bringing a Super Long Fork to a Restaurant and Stealing People’s Food 7:54 008 8:20 Walking in Village 9:20 008 BTS 10:20 Backyard Baseball 10:47 Masssage 11:11 008 Take 3

    • what kinda van is that

    • @Cameron Gerardo i will try it out now. Looks good so far :)

    • Not sure if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account using InstaPortal. Find it on google xD

    • You are literally the funniest human on the planet.

    • Would i do that with the fork in germany, i think i would get in jail or hospital😂

  • Hello. 👋🏼 Jesus is coming back soon, 🕊I wanted to tell you to find God, 🙏🏼 before it’s too late. 😇 Have a blessed day.

  • Great response to the police officer

  • With social distancing this fork just makes sense. 🤣

  • The advert after your ‘morning routine’ was a ‘morning routine ad’ 🤣🤣

  • gta 5 buzzard

  • In my country, if you tried to get someone‘s food with a giant fork, they wouldn’t smile and give it to you, they would beat you to death

  • If your a real human being and Somone asks you for some food when you got some in your hand you don't say no even if the thing asking isent human *cought *cought dogs

  • People are way too nice.

  • the first guy was nice

  • That morning routine was a perfect example of ESmainrs "morning routines" with the bullshyt music in the background and the obvious things they make up 🤣🤣👏

  • God Ross makes me laugh soooo hard i loove the bond type stuff jumpin on the boar and the helicopter thing i always thought that be so cool to say I did that just riding on the ladder haha


  • 9:20 was like GTA hijackings.

  • What even was this?!!!??? LOLOLOLOL

  • i wish i could sub twice cause you deserve it, this stuff always makes me laugh

  • Holy shit that ducking intro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Only ESmainr worth watching

  • These dudes have so much fun I love it

  • Ask for money/food on the street = No. Bring a long ass fork to resturants = YES.

  • Dude all the helicopter scenes were awesome!

  • These guys probably have the most fun on the planet!

  • I love your videos! Always a good laugh and fun! Some people ive seen just are so salty they cant take a joke some of them just need to lighten up some. Learn to enjoy life and laugh we already go through enough.

  • I'm telling you, Ross is such a genius. He sets the bar with the title and thumbnail and then another part of his video is just way bigger and better.


  • 0:07 a wild gaben appears

  • Holy cow why is everyone so helpful with the big fork haha such good sports

  • Anyone else notice the wig hung itself up on the mailbox???!!!

  • Jame Ron

  • Only so many people can say they’ve wakeboarded while being pulled from a Littlebird / OH-6 (Vietnam war era helicopter)

  • am i the only one that noticed the wig fell onto the mailbox

  • Jesus Christ loves you.

  • Anarchist cookbook on floppy disk moves 💾

  • When 90% of the content is talking about content.😂

  • 3:40 Just one of many reasons women outlive men...

  • You should start a restaurant

  • "you don't drive a boat, you con it"

  • Women: why do we live longer than men? Men: 3:53

  • ** casually drops from helicopter onto jetski in a suit and tie and pushes off the dude who was riding it before **

  • That thing with the chairs looks like so much fun I might buy a van just so I can do that

  • From running to the police to becoming famous lmao

  • Dumbest game of wipe out in the van

  • We t?

  • The chairs in tge van looked fun ill be honest

  • 0:27 that yawn made me yawn. And now u yawn after me yawning talking about yawning

  • 0:40 my morning routine I wake up at 5 a clock and order 15 hamburgers from macdonalds after that i do 2 push ups and do a suicide attempt it will always fail and then do another push up and go backt to sleep

  • that giant fork you guys used reminds me of that IHOP commercial that had the extra long fork growing for the unlimited pancakes, where did you guys buy that giant fork by the way.

  • He really pulled out a comically long fork

  • florida man...

  • 1:13 the wig landed on the mail box lol

  • Hahahahaha

  • Do the fork thing at mcdonalds and steal their hamburger buns and eat them or take off running or something haha

  • My routine: So first I wake up an watch vlog creations...

  • Did anyone see the wig land on the mail box. 1:15

  • Wow. Did y'all know that it's only like 300-500 bucks an hour to rent a helicopter?

  • Ross really rented a helicopter and boat for a bit in one video.

  • Dude at 7:55 thats gta 6 right there

  • Rolls chairs could end in death if the back door opens with a slam. Beware

  • Cool thing is that all the money he spent having to do the spy stuff he can write off on his taxes as a work expense.

  • Your videos are pure raw love it

  • I love how people didn’t get mad at it and just went with it...except for that one guy

  • I love how he shut down that mall cop hahahaha

  • 008

  • Why’s no one talking about the fact that he drank the shampoo

  • I looked kinda looked like Mitch from modern Family in the morning routine 😂

  • "Only a spoonfull"

  • Where did they get the helicopter

  • I love how the wig stuck to the mail box

  • If he tries that shit at a golden coral you'd hear hog sounds and it'd be fucking fucked mate

  • What I've learned from this: If you want to steal food and not get yelled at use a comically long fork

  • 🤣

  • Ross really just got a helicopter to pick him up for a segment that wasn’t even the title of the video. Fuckin legend.

  • The fact he paid for the persons food that he was messing with gains my respect

  • So your telling me they got a boat and a helicopter for a 2 minute skit?😂😂

  • Are we not going to talk about his wig falling off and landing on the mailbox? 1:14

  • "This is kinda my quiet time" *under a helicopter*

  • I actually wake up to my bed already made only cause I like to lay on top of my comforter and use a soft blankets instead

  • My heart dropped a beat while the food dropping

  • I guess the production quality has gotten slightly higher

  • This is some mission impossible stuff

  • He swinging the toast lol.

  • Rosses morning routine is a fully day that's before he goes to work so dose he work nope he has to do his routine first

  • Is that lake Harris?

  • This dude makes the world more beautiful

  • Cole bit the fork then picked up salad with it


  • you should make a movie lol, like no joke you should make an actual movie

  • PLEASE -- Leaving an "Endless" trail of clues and see how far people are willing to take it to get to the end before they give up

  • I didn’t know u were a stuntman lol

  • 7:28 Wouldn't the world be a better place if the names of people like this guy were written on a death note?

  • My man really shot a whole James Bond movie for his morning routine.

  • bruh wth.. there just letting him steal his food

  • Ross for next Bond!

  • I wake up then go back to bed

  • 1:15 his wig landed on the mailbox 😂😂😂

  • Ross: hey yo can i get some food Employee: Only Forkfull! Ross: * pulls out a comically large fork with a smug on his face *

    • I don't think any restaurants in America do that

  • We got the comically large fork, now we need the comically large spoon

  • If the restaurant wants us to leave, we'll leave. Tell em Ross!

  • I love that when he does other people's pranks he credits them fully before doing it

  • 5:38 when he picks up the plate I literally audibly mumbled thank you out loud