Camping in Front of Stores that AREN’T having a Sale

Publicado el 29 mar 2021
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0:00 Legend
0:02 Ping pong on house
0:43 Incredibly determined telemarketer
1:52 Glue a wasp to your hand
2:23 Beach walk
3:34 Camping in front of stores that arent having a sale
6:41 Showing Whistlin Diesel the minivan
7:37 Kole the botanist
8:26 Shoeball
8:41 Beach
9:10 Pavement growth
9:18 Don’t swerve for animals
9:47 Echo
10:00 Ross talks
10:30 Darn kids! Stay off my roof!
11:16 Telemarketer 2


  • 0:02 Ping pong on house 0:43 Incredibly determined telemarketer 1:52 Glue a wasp to your hand 2:23 Beach walk 3:34 Camping in front of stores that arent having a sale 6:41 Showing Whistlin Diesel the minivan 7:37 Kole the botanist 8:26 Shoeball 8:41 Beach 9:10 Pavement growth 9:18 Don’t swerve for animals 9:47 Echo 10:00 Ross talks 10:30 Darn kids! Stay off my roof! 11:16 Telemarketer 2

    • Do a prank offering a packet of computer chips

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    • The farther he goes for the ext warranty bit the funnier it gets! Keep peppering us w bits n every video! Shits comedy gold fr!

    • @RefleX You copied @Blade

    • Jobless bumholes 9am on a Thursday morning

  • "After reviewing your medical records, we have determined that your injuries are NOT covered"

  • That was kind-of a prank on Best Buy, but you probably gave them a good day of business, so perfect prank.

  • They better had bought stuff

  • Lol that forshadowing comment made me think, get a big four and a flashlight and bring it to a movie theater and in the theater stand in the front and cast a shadow of the four on the wall. Like you're foreshadowing what's gonna happen in the movie.

  • Buying 30 series’s rtx cards be like

  • You should invite us all and have the worlds longest leap frog

  • only channel that makes me laugh out loud so hard on every video

  • Someone in line must be like, "did I make it for the nintendo wii release!"

  • Lol that plant Cole ate is dangerous is looks like a onion but it is not

  • how did Kole swim with the mic still attached? is it waterproof?

  • title prank is just called being homeless

  • I love that whistlindiesel just shows up lmaooo

  • I love that Cody showed up that’s funny as hell

  • I love how whistlindiesel is just showing up in random videos now 😂

  • Whistlin Diesel out of no whete

  • where can i find a "black summer" shirt like the one shown at 11:10? Thank you

  • I gotta lie I’m really impressed

  • bro WD just showing up out of NOWHERE had me absolutely rolling

  • Had a fun time doing the store thing

  • the whistlin diesel 😂


  • That extended warranty on the boat was so fucking funny!

  • These guys lowkey got best buy hella bidness in that day

  • ECHO! 😂

  • Best cross over episode I've ever seen

  • bro if i saw a line line that say best buy if be like "damn the PS6 DROP ALREADY" 😂

  • Y’all living. Love to see it

  • Love the extended warrenty stuff!

  • Hey Ross! Just to let you know that I work at best buy and the guy in black polo at the entrance letting people in is the District Manager of the market. I'm sure it means nothing to you but its just too funny to think that you guys really made it seem that big and important for a district manager to come. LOL! Love the videos!

  • You should do this with a smaller business

  • “I don’t need a TV”

  • 6:28 that’s Whistling diesel

  • You need to love to Cali

  • That 75 inch tv was worth camping out for. I got the same one for $747 shipped. Definitely well worth it.

  • that car be bussin

  • It’s funny when they ask for you by name…. but don’t know, you don’t even own a car :/

  • Reads title… hits like, ok start the video !

  • I never want Kole to stop doing the "car extended warranty" pls it will never not be funny

  • Video idea :dress up as a sea gull and ask people for food

  • 6:28 that is whislindiesel

  • i watch these guys only to see the chaos they do each video it is hilarious if i lived in america i would have gone

  • the best buy worker was so excited lmfao. that shit probably made his week.

  • So whistlin diesel is a fan of yal

  • all u guys should do a prank where u start running from nothing and see how many strangers run with u

  • 7:28 Just guys being dudes

  • Whistling diesel was there

  • Whistlen diesel

  • I really liked this video

  • You and Cody are the beat so FUNNY 😂🤣

  • Lmfao that was for sure not an onion

  • I wish that if I held up a bag and said "I got a memory card holder"

  • great vlog video! I think my most memoriable vlog is when i was at TIFF. Obviously this was pre pandemic. Oh man im depressed now just thinking about it :( Im going to go eat a tub of ice cream and drown my sarrows :*( Great job on your video though :)

  • I knew he was gonna ask about the cars extended warranty when I saw him jump in the water 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • D

  • Just the average Florida men playing Ping pong on the roof

  • This guy is a legend that will be held with the upmost honor of any human being in our history.

  • 4:00 The Amount Of People Came For Him 😅 Dude Can Become A Mayor If He Wants

  • Why are half the people including Ross not wearing masks?

  • Wistlendiesuel

  • 2:56 the word you’re looking for might be ‘hindsight’

  • “How much are squirtles?”

  • What you did for that fan was nice

  • It was weird seeing WD on your channel

  • Two of my favorite ESmainrs at once.. awesome!

  • Everyone: let's put solar panels on our roof Ross: let's put a ping pong table on the roof 👀😂

  • 7:40 dude lol dont die buddy we still need u here, dangerous what you did.

  • im dying XD

  • I like how Best Buy acted, the CEO even wanted to come in early. Makes me want to shop there more.


  • the most underrated channel ever i swear. i love ross

  • Whistlindiesel is the perfectam to appear on occasion in your videos

  • Poor Best Buy thought they would sell out the store

  • Yo I really started crying when he swam out for the car warranty. 😂😂 funny asf!

  • “How much are squirtles”

  • the couch in the back of the van is so badass

  • shout out to cody, drives 9 hours, buys them an 8k tv, and then just hang out with everyone all day

  • most of his videos are 11: 46 seconds long

  • you have to do the extended warranty more often that shit is to die for

  • ross how about swimming with suits on

  • Anyone know the song at 1:08 ?

  • Dude kole with the extended warranty bit always gets me. He mad funny

  • Imagine some of the strangers actually sitting in line

  • I know I'm late but do the same thing waiting in line but at a random garage sale

  • 6:10 wait this isn't a Mr. beast video.

  • So cool some dude just buys a tv and hangs out all day

  • 6:26 Hey the guy who bought the TV isn't that the guy who is a youtuber and bought a dodge charger general lee?? Can't remember his name but is 100% sure it's him.

  • Bro you need to put all of the extended warranty clips you've done together into one epic video. It will slay!

  • Is Covid not a thing there anymore??

  • waiting to get that new rtx

  • Bro like no joke lots of ESmainrs have unique cars Whistlin Diesel = Big monster truck Danny Duncan = Lifted Honda Fit You = hydraulic minivans

  • 0:02 nobody: absolutely nobody: Him an absolute mad lad: plays ping-pong on the roof 1:42 Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Scammers: Literally will do anything to reach you about your cars extended warranty 3:45 bro Best Buy they might be already used to it with like the people lining up for graphics cards but bro you guys and all the fans are legends and whistlin diesel 7:55 and this is why they say don’t eat stuff that you’re not 100% sure especially if it’s in the wild

  • i had NO IDEA @whislindiesel collabed!!!!!! nice!!!!

  • Me and Cody went to school together here in Texas!! 😁😁😁 I remember him Lol

  • You should put a chicken wing on your car and ask if they like your wing(spoiler)

  • 7:05 It’s funny how his shirt says gotta say I’m really impressed 😂

  • Is this in fresno?

  • you guys should do the camping thing around a small business to help them out and do a funny skit lol

  • 1:27 the courier in Skyrim.

  • When your content and pranks are respectful and harmless(to the public at least), people who watch and fans of your work tend to follow suit. I got nervous when I saw the size of that crowd but it all ended up being so wholesome