Going to Restaurants Right Before They Close and Staying as Long as I Can

Publicado el 14 sep 2020
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0:00 Intro
0:12 Tree removal

0:46 Giant bread roller
1:20 Taking Elliot bowling
1:56 Tree removal 2
2:43 Handstand on surf board
3:33 Going to a restaurant right before they close
9:38 Feeding nephew gum
10:06 Kallet and Wey
10:19 Playing in rain
10:59 Aracade fail


  • Big thank you to Made Restaurant and our server for putting up with us being so inconsiderate! 0:12 Tree removal 0:46 Giant bread roller 1:20 Taking Elliot bowling 1:56 Tree removal 2 2:43 Handstand on surf board 3:33 Going to a restaurant right before they close 9:38 Feeding nephew gum 10:06 Kallet and Wey 10:19 Playing in rain 10:59 Aracade fail

  • He should’ve tipped her like $3 at first and then gave her the $500 after seeing her reaction

  • I am so glad he didn't ACTUALLY let him eat the gum.

  • The waitress was kinda a shit head the whole time tbh 😂

  • Can we talk about how mean the People are? Like Geez Get Fired and get a Job

    • I can make that Joke because I work Part time at a Chick Fil

    • you’ve clearly never had a job

  • Government: checking to see if she declared the cash on that night...

  • that was touching AF!!!!!

  • Hire someone to clean a clean house

  • Wear the mask or just leave it off, but what you are doing with the mask under the chin just makes you look stupid.

  • Cole would’ve done a cannonball

  • Just in case Ross gets a tv show everybody sign there name below

  • Hold up. Is if normal for restraurant owners to kiss their employees to comfort them or was that his wife?

  • I used to work at a restaurant and that’s like the biggest dick move

  • That blonde waitress is a psychopath

  • 10:46 dem tiddies.

  • "They were being rude about it and looking at me mean!" They really just seem like 2 morons, they weren't being rude lmao

  • Waitress has a bad attitude. She’s the kind you never want.

  • Why did she hug you she has corona

  • Money can buy happiness

  • "No, no.. Don't eat it." haha

  • For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life-John 3:16 ✝️

  • bro do more parts of "Going to a restaurant right before they close"

  • She’s so fake lmao

  • she seemed so pissed off until she got the $500 lmao

  • Ya make me cry Charles. ):

  • Love your videos

  • Fat Karen called them shits and then tries to act grateful smh

  • After all the Karen was saying she gets 500$ dollar tip wth

  • Elliot looks like a young Justin fields

  • I love how he says there’s a camera right there, and points at the security cameras that been there

  • Go sub to xxtrapper dapper

  • Everyone: scared to touch each other cause of corona Ross: tells his nephew to eat abc gum from under a chair

  • 10:10:10

  • Go to a car dealership and asked to test out every car but don’t buy any of them

  • I’d quit my job if I ever worked second shift and someone did that.

    • No amount of tip will make me happy I’d be super pissed

  • I was the 100,000 like on this video

  • Her:”are you kidding?😢” Him:”🧍‍♂️”

  • Ross is a rollercoaster of emotions

  • Dude I hate when people do that shit lol. Come in right before closing what an asshole good tip though for sure made it better 👍

  • Best prank content EVER

  • She talking all that smack till she get the 500$ tip 😂

  • like this

  • DUDE U ARE FUNNY AS ×××××, 💯💯💯......I'D like to be a part of yo crew.. Keep up the good work

  • 0:51 damm even dio is jealous from that this man prob has a 3 hour time stop my man dio like a bug to him💀🤚

  • i love when my boss kisses me when im sad-happy

  • I was a bartender and waiter for too long. There's a lot of people who do exactly this and then stiff you on the bill.

  • I know this is so off topic but I keep saying shit zu instead of shih tzu

  • I just adore how Ross really crack up to his own jokes. That's a good feeling seeing someone that genuinely finds themselves funny

  • I felt all the womans emotions after they gave her the $500 tip. Working with the public can be infuriating.

  • Damn she was a bitch about them staying lmao

  • i hope the waitress tipped down to the cooks


  • Ross u shouldn't ate that bro

  • 2:43 looks like the rock in granite falls. A LOT., similar design and everything, its just different colors and chairs

  • When u have too much content and do multiple pranks in one video when one is enough while others make one video full of just same shit "pick up lines and picking girls"

  • He stayed a entire hour after they closed

  • if it was me i would just looked you in the eyes and think cool less sleep for today

  • Thought that waitress was gonna get fired not a hug😔

  • Owner kissed his employee twice why

  • Did the restaurant managers know because how did you get cameras

  • that was hilarious, kinda made me cry a little she was so hospitable.

  • Has any1 thought about how fckd it is we live in a place where workng people getting 500 dollars can make someone that emotional

  • Woah I never thought waiters talk behind my back

  • Owner kisses the waitress

  • That was nice when the boy got sad because he didn't win the claw machine he let play with the van to cheer him up.

  • If I was working a 14 hour shift I’d probably blow my brains out if someone did this

  • Get a job as a dishwasher but don't wash the dishes

  • I cant believe she didn’t lose her shit🤣

  • Mad respect for pulling these pranks but for also paying the people after!

  • Bro I deadass couldn’t keep a straight face doing some shit like this

  • Why did the owner kiss her or did I miss something

  • That's Hart felt I've been there THIS IS A GOOD 1 THANKS

  • That lady was making them look bad to everyone else

  • How tf you have their camera footage

  • Ross ,that was nice

  • Wow I can’t even like explain how I feel about that prank... it’s just like this overwhelming feeling of positivity after she found out it was all a joke

  • Bruh bet she feels bad for talking shit now 😂

  • 8:28 "Are you kidding I could've left an hour ago??"

  • One of the only ESmainrs that still do real pranks

  • What a guy

  • Love that you tipped them alot.

  • We're not kidding... literally kidding L😆L.

  • Why did the owner said i told you and the end

  • The owner and the waitress got something going on

  • y can this gay do everything

  • Damm she worked another extra hour basically and received a whole paycheck

  • Calm down its just 500 dollars lmao

  • Plot twist she's crying because she feels really bad about spitting in his food

  • Why’re she cry? Just 50l$

  • He gave her her last paycheck lmfaoo

  • Yo, come in Malaysia, go to any restaurant and say “ lepak mamak lah” and they’ll be close at 5 am for you🤣 it means “ let’s hang out at the restaurant”

  • Make another one of these

  • Should build a shooting range in the back yard.

  • Your videos are normally just funny messing around stuff but this was really cool Your human being quality has increased

  • It’s just 500€, not a million why is she crying?? I got csgo skins worth more then that

  • You are too funny😂

  • Ross is a G

  • When they clapped i cringed

  • Those forehead kisses

  • She's crying to show everyone that she hates working there.