Hiring an Electrician to Plug in my Playstation

Publicado el 16 nov 2020
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Air Horn

0:46 Side by Side

1:27 Slippery When Wet

2:23 Fork Fishing
3:02 Hair Dandruff
3:45 Dropping Anvils
5:13 Hiring Electrician to Plug in Playstation
9:46 008 BTS
10:11 Chasing Kid

10:22 Truck Got Stuck
10:37 Frisball

11:13 Joke Reveal


  • 0:02 Air Horn 0:46 Side by Side 1:27 Slippery When Wet 2:23 Fork Fishing 3:02 Hair Dandruff 3:45 Dropping Anvils 5:13 Hiring Electrician to Plug in Playstation 9:46 008 BTS 10:11 Chasing Kid 10:22 Truck Got Stuck 10:37 Frisball 11:13 Joke Reveal

    • Hey Ross , I actually ran into this kid that’s in your video. 0:26 It was my birthday weekend in New York and my girlfriend and I ran into this couple who was going to the same restaurant as us called “Moxie” I really don’t know who he is but it’s unbelievable that’s he’s in one of your videos!

    • yes

    • @Solitude In E Minor yes

    • Eating sand is for ppl who want to get sick

    • esmain.info/goal/v-deo/hKGpjt92rsqgiMU IK i got a lot to learn, but give me your honest review.😅

  • dis int sonic?

  • Cassady Cambell is a Racist #CancelCambell

  • cole is so freaking nice

  • cole is the best

  • I almost thought the electrician in the thumbnail was G-Eazy

  • Im an electrician and I had a job where they wanted us to fix their tv since the cable wasnt working. Turns it the hdmi wasnt plugged into the tv.

  • Meat canyon?

  • 2:51 wilbur soot be like

  • The only prank youtube worth watching

  • Blind man goes to movies and cries at the wrong times

    • Maybe not a movie since that would ruin it for others but something close like a baseball game

  • Oh my god im crying. I havent laughed that hard since 1939, oh so many orphans

  • 5:05 a want all of it

  • are the walls made of paper?

  • Heck I’ll take the post a potty

  • I was laugjing so much when the electrician cane in that i couldnt breath u almost killed me man

  • The people watching were very unamused

  • ultimate flex

  • Lol They Need one black friend in all there videos to Just LOOK AT THEM CRAZY 1 time before or after they do thsi stuff!! LOL

  • That Electric man was a GOOD GUY lol I would have went off

  • Blow air horns at golfers

  • Did you know sand is fish poop LOL!!!!!!😝

  • How have I not heard of this channel before this guy is amazing

  • Damn that electrician guy was hell of patient and kind.

  • “No, that’s not the sound bar.. why’d I even mention that...”

  • i can never figure out who the girls are in the side by side with them

  • That has got to be one of the nicest electrician guys ever.

  • I like that she wore a white shirt mudding

  • Hey!!! It turned on!!

  • When he plugged the ps4 into the wall it made my day


  • I'll take the port a potty😂

  • What a nice guy that electrician is!

  • Imagine the ps broke

  • This was by far the funniest shit I've watched in a while, thanks a lot man!

  • Oh fuck I was dying when he kept plugging it back into the wall and making new holes

  • I want a port a potty

  • I wanna be the black guys friend

  • Dude How funny would it be if you actually had a plug like inside the wall so when you plugged it into the wall it would actually work 😂

  • You damage my brain

  • ahahahahahaa

  • that electrician deadass sounds like freddie gibbs

  • This guy just lives at his fullest

  • The girl in the red Bikini top... Dammmmmm

  • I want. That tanning bed

  • I literally watch these all day😂 they put me in a good mood even when I’m havin the worse day, everything’s funny af and original

  • That'll be 350 dollars

  • It’s a Tesla !! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Thats one wholesome ass electrician

  • But who’s da chick in the red bikini?? 👀

  • She’s got a nice swing 🤭

  • Its a tesla lol

  • Didn’t that dude come out in an invisalign ad?

  • Ibp and jack Doherty, big collab

  • I dont know why but I literally actually spit when i saw you put the sand in your mouth. It was like a reflex. I didnt even mean to

  • bro just wanted to play with u

  • Drop the mini anvil on someone's head and show them the real one.

  • I lost my Shit when he tried plugging the outlet extender into the wall 😂😂

  • Who’s the kid in the first clip

  • That electrician was so nice. What a great human.

  • Lol that electrician was so patient

  • I have to admit I laughed my ass off when he kept plugging the USB cable and the power plug directly in the wall.

  • I can't help but wonder if you did this, but in such a way where another person can be behind the wall... and sometimes when you plug it in they connect up some alligator clips to the plug through the wall so it works.

  • He’s a good dude

  • Ibp and jack Doherty

  • Jack Doherty and nick

  • Legit best prank that was the funniest shit

  • Make a gun that shoots airhorns

  • Face reveal

  • Didac Ribot did that before you...

  • The irland boys hu

  • ur so underrated

  • 2:24

  • Who are the girls?

  • Water

  • Electric man almost aserd the door

  • You should have put an outlet behind the wall

  • r u gay or sumn, BUY AN XBOX

  • who are the babes

  • Local man discovers muddin

  • This fire extinguisher does the opposite

  • xD the meatcanyon reference

  • I love technicians that play the same console as you. They always talk about the games they have and have great conversations

  • I can see the Ireland boys and jack Doherty in the background

  • man seeing you have fun in the mud made me realize how sad me life have been

  • Wow I would've lost my shit 🤣

  • This torture

  • David Dobrik would have encouraged that guy to damage his hearing, thanks for looking out for others.

  • The electrician is so amazing and patient. Love him!

  • 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3v 16 and 17

    • Damm, John clutched the 3 v 17??

  • "I'm sorry why did I even mention that" he meant to say that in his head lol

  • Guys he was probably so nice because he thought he had down syndrome or something. i woulda helped out too if i thought the same thing.

  • Electrician: “no, no, no.. why did I even mention that..”

  • Did You Connect The Soundbar Yourself? :"D

  • How Can he stay so serious 😂😂

  • your vids are so cringe but there so fun too!!!

  • I love to be in one of these videos 😂

  • Bro this is to fuckin much lmao. Buddy's look when he sees the usb in the wall when he comes back

  • How did you not break a tie rod or something or an axel

  • Yoo that IBP