Hiring Geek Squad to Beat a Hard Level On My Playstation

Publicado el 28 dic 2020
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0:00 Timestamps
0:02 Getting my gifts wrapped
0:30 Getting Katherine a washing machine
2:29 Hiring Geek Squad to beat a hard level on my Playstation
9:35 Talking about the joke
10:26 Locking my keys outside of my car fail
11:12 Turtle talk
11:38 Wish rocks


  • Kole looking like crash bandicoot 😂 @kole.clark 0:02 Getting my gifts wrapped 0:30 Getting Katherine a washing machine 2:29 Hiring Geek Squad to beat a hard level on my Playstation 9:35 Talking about the joke 10:26 Locking my keys outside of my car fail 11:12 Turtle talk 11:38 Wish rocks

    • Maybe you have already done it, but it would be funny if you guys went to some business with a deck. Bring cotton swabs and rub the deck. When people ask what you are doing say you are swabbing the deck!..lol

    • @Larson Films shut up

    • I thaught it said "hiring geek squad to play beat sabor on my playstation"

    • @Randy Cristiano I will try it out right now. Seems to be working.

    • @Larson Films you have only 11 comments

  • I died when Kole said "can I take my things , just a trash bag full of stuff in my bedroom" lmfao

  • It sucks when they know u

  • nahhhh them going along with its funny asf

  • how do they not laugh

  • Order delivery and then follow the delivery guy back to the restaurant and eat it there.

  • The funny thing is that they actually picked a hard game. 😂

  • ross being normal would be even funnier. cole absolutely killed this one

  • 9:44 naw it only made it better

  • he did not loo like he knew

  • I'm from the UK if I was ever over that area and I saw him, I'd say Ross!! I've come from England to tell you about your extended warranty 😂

  • As someone who geeked out hard on CKY and Jackass, now that I am old I just love watching your wholesome pranks that are genuinely funny and harm no one, except when you don't wear your mask.

  • So what are we naming Ross' weird character with the tye-dye

  • I'm proud to say that I beat every single crash bandicoot game out, except racing

  • he didn't ruin the video ahah he was great he was a great actor he knew you needed that content

  • Hit the “hole” 😂 NEVER heard anyone call it that before lol

  • Sideways cross lol

  • I love how he just keeps opening sodas 😂😂😂

  • It absolutely doesnt ruin it when they know! it was so funny.

  • “There’s a strip mall”... kole: “no I can’t I have a wife” 😂😂😂😂

  • Back in my day before youtube, we had to call tech support to show us how to play

  • so what do I do? just jump into the water?

  • "like your late husband"... okay

  • Dude you brought aqua man on the channel? Sick! but why is he less buff


  • Its funnier when they know you

  • “Are you sure you’re a geek?”

  • dident ruin it at all! laughing my ass off the entire video! xD

  • You should go with it

  • That’s amazing I don’t care that he even figured it out

  • never laughed so fucking hard before

  • Pyramid button Lol!

  • The fact that he knew who you were made it funnier

  • I thought it was hilarious

  • “Will you sell me your gaming glove?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m dead! Lmao

  • "let me get my things. Trash bag full of stuff in my room and my vacuum." that had me dying.

  • Every time you try to hide I know it's you even if you put glasses on because you have one ear bigger than your brothers it's so easy that way

  • I knew it was you the whole time

  • 5:52 i started dying😅😅

  • No he didn’t till the end he was thinking it was your bother

  • 4:05 😂😂😂😂

  • That guy got in trouble for going to a call he didn't know was a prank in the first place? 🤨 cmon dude.

  • I think the guy who knew you was funny since he didn’t even say anything lmao

  • lmfao “I can drop you off”

  • Yeah I think the guy who played along with it the whole time is hilarious 😆

  • Dude that’s my favorite character. Flule plump.. lmao

  • why are these men doing what i wished my childhood was

  • Hire a coder to fix cyber punk

  • A strip mall... I can't, I got a wife hahaha

  • Awe that geek squad guy that helped Ross with the level is truly such a sweetheart...

  • Dude the one with that guy that knew you was hilarious!!! Please do use more of those too hahahaa i bet some reactions are golden too lol

  • I lost it at 5:53

  • I enjoyed it even though he knew for some of it

  • 10/10 service

  • Thought it was so funny that he knew the whole time

  • I love Ross's nerd character he does. So damn funny

  • The sideways cross one

  • Dude I love the faces you make they're so fucking hilarious

  • you should've worn a mask when going to elderly... even if the cases are low and you're outside... jeez.... you're always in public

  • It didn't ruin it

  • Nah it was funny that he knew you and didn't say anything

  • It was good that he knew you more funny

  • hahah that dude was a bro, he didnt wanna ruin the bit so he didnt say anything

  • I liked it don't take stuff out like it

  • 6:34 had me dead asf

  • When he hands him the coke got me 😂😂😂

  • call a landscape company to get rid of one blade of grass that bothers you.

  • Kole could ask ppl to pull up his socks for him

  • Google.com

  • Naa bro that was mad funny even tho he thought it was you

  • That didn't ruin it for me. It was still super funny

  • 22:45

  • He’s right though crash bandicoot 4 is hard as hell!! I died a million times trying to beat most levels 😂😂

  • Nah bro that made it mad funny wen he said ur name

  • 5:53 that face gets me every time. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • bro 9:30 that makes it so much better 😆

  • some times in situations its more funny if they do know because they go along with it and its hilarious

  • That didn’t ruin anything that was funny lmao

  • Glad you still used it

  • 7:22 "Game Spot" ABSDJHFBDZ

  • Of course he went with it, why would he miss out on getting paid to game with Ross

  • It was good content that the geek squad guy kinda knew but wasn't sure. Use that any time.

  • Ur gonna get these workers fired.

  • Hey man , if you need to use the restroom... you can leave and use the restroom at a fast food

  • That’s so funny that he sorta went with it ahahahah

  • I liked the part even if he knew you

  • that geeksquad guy is a cool dude

  • This is definitely my favorite vlog creations video


  • I can't wait until someone shows up, recognizes you and tries to act like a bigger idiot.

  • That shit was funny 😂😂😭😭😭

  • Even tho the guy knew it was still hilarious the way you were looking at him😅

  • That was gold

  • Hold up, so the same tech came in both times..

  • Ross got salty about the guy knowing him before the prank lolololo !!🤣🤣


  • Buy the sheriff's department that arrested you donuts with your face on them.

  • First guy was genuinely chilling and gaming. Second guy would drop the guy off lol. They had some serious patience!

  • Buying stuff off Craigslist and asking about their return policy

  • “ i can drop you off” 😂 real G