Hiring Geek Squad to Beat a Hard Level On My Playstation

Publicado el 28 dic 2020
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0:00 Timestamps
0:02 Getting my gifts wrapped
0:30 Getting Katherine a washing machine
2:29 Hiring Geek Squad to beat a hard level on my Playstation
9:35 Talking about the joke
10:26 Locking my keys outside of my car fail
11:12 Turtle talk
11:38 Wish rocks


  • Kole looking like crash bandicoot 😂 @kole.clark 0:02 Getting my gifts wrapped 0:30 Getting Katherine a washing machine 2:29 Hiring Geek Squad to beat a hard level on my Playstation 9:35 Talking about the joke 10:26 Locking my keys outside of my car fail 11:12 Turtle talk 11:38 Wish rocks

    • @Larson Films you have only 11 comments

    • @Larson Films liar

    • I swear your videos would get triple the views if they weren’t filled with random vlog clips

    • I was playing crash bandicoot -_-

    • Hi 👌

  • pyramid zero sideways cross

  • im outragiuos that this that that this guy that him he got he knew you and he got gone?

  • change your oil in a chemical redemption center line

  • Yo this so good haha 😂

  • Man it was funny as hell post more Brother.. Ill go with it. shit is funny. ill feel quick because i cant hold back my laugh..

  • “How u gonna pay?” “Oh cash? I’ll give it one more go”

  • All of the hiring vids are in the ty dye swirl shirt

  • you act so good

  • It was funny when he went along with you the whole time

  • Didn’t bother me that the guy knew you. Still love your content.

  • Thanks 🙏 a whole lot this helped me to figure out what I might do

  • E

  • This is one of the best videos ever!

  • Keep clips if they know you if they are funny

  • That was good

  • The gaming thing ws cringe as hell

  • Didn't ruin it that he knew it was you. Funny watching someone play along.

  • Lol why would you call the same locksmith company?

  • That's fine bro

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  • not ruined, hilarious!!

  • Bro, getting the Geek Squad guys to play the game is CLASSIC

  • idk why but i laughed when cole asked the guy if he could bring his vacuum with him to gamestop lol

  • I just realized literally every one of his videos is 11:46 seconds long

  • It was good, and definitely not ruined !

  • good

  • He first guy was like “fuck yea crash bandicoot I can try to help”

  • Naw that shit was still funny. You have to realize though that if they do know you, they will assume they're being recorded. It might not be a genuine. He was super nice and I loved the video man keep doing this shit. The one guy was trying so hard lol

  • Omfg 💀

  • "No man.. You already opened me one remember?" 😂

  • Thank you for making me laugh. I have had a shitty day and this was a perfect way to end my night. Y’all are hilarious

  • give me all of your money now pls

  • i fucking hated it never do it again

  • Bro that “late husband” part was so outta pocket lmaoooo 😂😂😂💀💀

    • i know bro i checked the comments to see if anybody caught that lmfao

  • Doesn’t ruin the joke, still great content 👍🏼

  • That was awesome!! that guy played it well.. it was still gold..

  • The guy who knew you, that was hilarious 😂

  • No, when they know you it doesn’t ruin anything

  • "I can drop you off"🤣that guy was so patient lol

  • It didn’t ruin it. Made me love it more

  • Why does it say "something was wrong with it? i got ya" at 4:59 ? for a second it flashes on the screen

  • Hahaha the way he edited the Katherine thanks you in the video when she said thanks to all the ppl who makes this possible 😂🙌🏽

  • This is wholesome

  • This was awesome! I cracked up so much

  • Totally didn't ruin it. I still thought it was funny and the dude was still nice and the 3 cokes was great.

  • I had a plumber that took a dump in my toilet once. Said he had to test out his work.... I couldn't argue with that. Hahaha.

  • The dude that went straight into playing the game... That's full service bro! Give that dude a raise!


  • “ Reminds u of your late husband “ your funny as fuckkk😭😭😭😭

  • lol ross' friggin faces

  • Are you sure your a real geek? Lolol I'm dead fam 💀😂🤣🙃

  • Oh my god what a funny skit dude, my abdomen hurts. It didn't ruin it at all, that guy was funny as hell.

  • GUY SAYS I CAN DROP YOU OFF😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • That guy who knew who you were was great! Lol I like it!

  • Bro 🥤 🥤 🥤

  • 5:53 me if the teacher ask if i done my homework

  • The guy who knew actually made it better by it turning out that you were getting pranked😂😂

  • Should of got your little nephew to do it

  • Lmbo he said I can drop you off 😅

  • Him knowing you was just fine. Still very funny

  • reminds you of your late husband

  • I love that Kole offers the guy to use a restroom somewhere else

  • I liked it Rossybaby. Keep it up.

  • 8:45 wow that guy was super nice to you

  • 6:31 are you sure you're a real geek?


  • Wow

  • He did you dirty hahahhaa Reverse Prank

  • No it didn't ruin anything dude

  • It KIND of ruined it

  • the one that was helping cole was really stubborn, but the one helping ross was like genuinely kinda cool. also, they’re gonna pay you to play a level, why wouldn’t you play?

  • Bottle Episode!

  • Imagine working at Best Buy and you can’t beat a crash bandicoot level 🤦‍♀️

  • Bro that was absolutely hilarious and deff use that footage!!

  • The guy that knew you was fine I don’t mind footage like that

  • I thought the geeks were the same person 🤣😂

  • Ross plays the best nerd

  • Nah it was funny he turned the tables on you and actually just chilled with you

  • Ross I love your freakin video dude there’s not a joke I don’t laugh at you guys are hilarious and the dude recognizing you made it funnier

  • I thought that geek guy was hilarious

  • Did you get this idea after watching Pixels?

  • What game is that?

  • this guy is tooo funny

  • Sideways cross for jump got me lmfaoo

  • Nah keep it up. If he truly knew it was you he woulda said something. You were being so uncomfortable

  • It didn’t ruin the video that much, also I got the vibe that he just pretended he knew he was being trolled

  • Carlos Slim doesn't even know how to play Crash bandicoot

  • These gloves are for coronavirus but touch’s everything

  • I swear y'all people are crazy

  • That guy was great even if he knew the whole time!

  • 5:51🤣🤣🤣😅😂

  • Perfect cut wheeze: 0:53

  • Go through a drive through, pay with a card then tell them to keep the change.

  • You have to show more when they are in on it.... or maybe not more but definitely don’t cut it out completely it’s actually pretty cool seeing when ppl know you

  • 8:02 nice showing you ripped underwear

  • The geek squad dudes were awesome sports

  • I think it was hilarious even if he knew.

  • It didn’t ruin anything it made it better I laughed so hard at your reaction to him telling you he thought it was you

  • The contrast between the two geek squad employees was hilarious.