Holding a GTA V Map and Asking People for Directions

Publicado el 24 ago 2020
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0:00 timestamps
0:47 Secretly Replacing Pool
4:05 Catch with Homeless Guy
4:44 Medicine Cabinet
5:57 Holding a GTA 5 Map and Asking for Directions
10:29 Shrunk by Lightning


  • 0:47 Secretly Replacing Pool 4:05 Catch with Homeless Guy 4:44 Medicine Cabinet 5:57 Holding a GTA 5 Map and Asking for Directions 10:29 Shrunk by Lightning

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    • Medicine cabinet from a U.F.O. SWEET

  • “How do you which one I want more” that had me dead

  • I bet I'm the only one who noticed Kurt Cobain on the wall at 5:12

  • wear a seatbelt ross!!!

  • i almost lost it at the scene of the pool filling up and the camera goes back and forth between the water hose and them watching the hose LoL

  • The part with the pool almost gave me tetanus.

  • *sees those 2 building things in the background* 👁 👄 👁 AYE THAT **** ***** lol I ain’t saying it that’s creepy

  • Do it with a Fortnite map to really mess with them

  • 6:43 ahahaha

  • 9:18🏄🏼🤟🏻🔥

  • 10:20 “how fast does this go? 4,000 inches per hour 😭😭😭😭😭

  • 9:48 tho

  • The penthouse from gta 5 actually exists and the street in LA

  • He got someone off of survivor for the title screen

  • 2:37 look at that grow show lmao

  • 4:07 had “Meet Joe Black” fatality written all over it

  • You shoulf of got in the pool and see who could of lasted longest while it fill's with cold water

  • Where’d this guy go??

  • 1:50 the hype is real

  • Amazing 🤣🤣

  • 9:48 was the funniest part of the vid no cap

  • Do the same but for botw

  • So help me out, can I get a link to the video the 'my truck got stuck' bit came from I can't find it

  • I told my son that the volcano is gonna erupt, now he runs around saying the macano is gonna ruft.

  • Careful you might end up ambidextrous

  • Who else is watching this while playing gta

  • You gotta bring the map to Los Angeles and do the same thing

  • This is fake...you know they would come home and not be shocked. They’d be like....Ross destroyed the pool again.😂😂😂

  • His "always give up" shirt 😂😂

  • What's the name of the instrumental at 1:24?

  • Shawty in the middle fine asl

  • Bra all that water waisted

  • You should dress as a waiter and take peoples food

  • 'Oh you were recording..? HAHAHHHAHAHAHAH thats hilarious'

  • I would of been like yo I know where the strip club is lmao


  • damn.. Elliot sure grew up fast.

  • The girl In the middle when there driving looks like she kept wanting to say something but she didn’t wanna get roasted lol

  • How come he doesn't wear a seat belttttt 😔

  • Aaand he never wore seatbelt

  • In some shots it looks like you have a belly button piercing? 👏😅

  • Love this guy lol. He always looks lost but waiting for breakfast.

  • Catch with homeless guy ,homeless guy cut my grass for cheap beer

  • I read some of the next video suggestions in the comment section and I must say "some people just want to watch the world burn !!"

  • Criminally undersubscribed man!

  • Next time you do something like that I recommend not wearing shoes or just really cheap shoes why would you do that with shoes on lol

  • Lmao

  • 7:49 : Social distancing Ross!

  • Me at 2:49 "will this be the whole video?"

  • Yo what's the song at 1:25? I'd really appreciate it.

  • Do GTA San Andreas map now.

  • 5:32 😍😍😍 name? For research purposes.

  • Walk up to random people ask them how they're doing and soon as they answer; scream "stop yelling at me!!!" And run away.

  • Am i the only one concerned how he does not where a mask in any of his video

  • Is it possible to get shrunk by a lightning too hard and completely disappear.

  • "the balls not that important, you are" :(

  • Lol

  • only got a limited time to have elliot prank while he’s young gotta have ideas

  • ok ross been in the gym

  • What song is playing at 9:13 Freaking awesome beat

  • Nice😂

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ross's girlfriend is pretty...gay. OOHH SNAP

  • *girl flirting with Ross* reply: We got shrunk by lightning!

  • Have a friend take a car to a mechanic shop, and walk in and smash the windows with a baseball bat and a ski mask😂😂like if you agree

  • Carcour is a classic!

  • Dude at 10:25 defiently got burned up by making some shake -n- bake meth!!! He wasn't mething around!

  • If this comment gets a lot of likes someone’s going to copy it

  • 11:24 you are a burden to society and a shame. spitting out coffee is a direct offense to the gods.

  • Eli is the best

  • I need this energy in my life

  • when they say we were gonna come out here naked the editor at the time, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

  • If Ross crashes that girl up front gonna get catapulted out the car

  • If this comment gets a lot of likes someone’s going to copy it

  • That lightning was shocking

  • I like How old man without technology avaible in this moment, realizes it's not real. But the guy, with a phone in his hand, didn't realize it was a fake map

  • Ross's mom has it going on 😂

  • Medicine cabinet = big bag of sticky buds

  • The NO before he falls in the pool 😂😂

  • The tiki torches gave it away LOL they never would have known if not for the torches

  • Bruh I had the exact same idea use the most obvious fake map and ask for directions

  • leaf


  • Alternate universe where the GTAO protagonist doesn’t meet Lamar

  • Dude, Elliot grew up FAST!!!!! @4:47

  • i love this video

  • new subscriber.. who is that girl with the black shirt.. 5:55

  • Holding gta SAN ANDREAS MAP And asking people for direction

  • if ur in LA that map might work lol

  • Dam dude Elliot got hudge

  • What ever happened to Cole

  • How does he not have his own show with all these awesome pranks ?? And so giving in every video 🤍

  • aaaaaaaaaa tosh spoilers ive been waiting fot the new season to come out on crave

  • "Obama!!"

  • I love your videos ‘n stuff, but why is no one wearing seatbelts? Is that normal in the US ?

  • You should prank her by letting me have her number lol ;)

  • Didn't know you had such a hot mom

  • Okay....I thought I was laughing hard at the filling up the pool edit and then the O-face with the music and waterboarding cuts.....bro......lmao

  • Positive comment

  • What microphone is that he’s using