Leaving Servers a GIANT TIP (2 ft. Steel Quarter)

Publicado el 26 oct 2020
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Nun Surfing
1:00 Goofing Off
1:39 Blind Dirtbike
1:57 Wig Shop

2:43 NATO phonetic alphabet
3:32 JJ Piercing

4:55 Somebody Mama
5:29 Giant Tip
8:30 Wishing Well

9:00 Dirtbike in Rain
9:20 Broken Bell

10:20 Wig Store 2
10:35 Manatees are Dangerous
11:08 Speaking in Cursive


  • 0:02 Nun Surfing 1:00 Goofing Off 1:39 Blind Dirtbike 1:57 Wig Shop 2:43 NATO phonetic alphabet 3:32 JJ Piercing 4:55 Somebody Mama 5:29 Giant Tip 8:30 Wishing Well 9:00 Dirtbike in Rain 9:20 Broken Bell 10:20 Wig Store 2 10:35 Manatees are Dangerous 11:08 Speaking in Cursive

    • 100th comment

    • He spelled Tsunami with a P... HMMM... What did he think you said? Punani?!

    • Dirtbike in rain Broken bell My brain: Drake bell


    • Bruh the list is messed up

  • I hope you gave that tip to a single mom after the prank

  • 7:53 "We left a giant quarter for the waiter." Girl knowing Ross is a prankster: "Like quarters?" Us: ..........

  • I bet no one got the nacho libre reference 🤣🤣

  • The tittle says “steel quarter”, it’s aluminium...

  • Is that even steel?

  • 11:07 OKAYYYY ross i see u smackin that puff bar😂😂


  • 1:41 😂😂

  • belly button piercing is for girls i thought.but i've seen guys getting tramp stamps on their backs right above their ass.

  • 1 macaroni, 2 macaroni, 3 macaroni 2:34

  • He was literally like "Ha ha ha ha"

  • HA 🧛‍♂️ HA 🧛‍♂️ HA 🧛‍♂️

  • That beach Lifeguard is exactly what I think a beach Lifeguard should look like.

  • ross your messed up, making fun of blind people what if they saw this?

  • Gus I miss him

  • i can't laugh with all the masktards in the vid all the time

  • P as in pterodactyl

  • this guy sums up florida pretty well

  • Always give up, I love it ahahahaha

  • with the power of jesus he can sail the waves

  • 11:09 Ross ripping the vape 😂

  • 11:10 I didn’t know he vaped?

  • Go to the drive-through, then when you pay for your food give them a $100 bill and when they try to give you the change back.. act confused why they r giving it back and tell them them its theirs.

    • @Alan Jurena good idea

    • Alternate idea: pay for the food and drive off before receiving it

  • This made my day thank you.

  • Eli is so funneh

  • Lmao

  • Plot twist : that life guard is the one that saved Danny duncan and his when the jumped over the pier ...

  • Somebody momma had me screaming 😂

  • Leave servers a “tip”😏

  • 11:09 I didn’t know that Ross vaped 🧐

  • This isn’t any bullshit about the manatees if you come to FL, look but don’t touch or you will be locked up faster than a DUI.

  • He shoulda gave him the giant quarter it was kinda weird that he didn't


  • that laugh make me laugh which make him laugh and it just never ends

  • Was wondering if they smoked the green at the end of the vid he said let me go see sum and then I’ll spark I’ve gotta smoke w these guys they would have me rolling for hours

  • bro i love the nacho lebre references

  • Now we know jj vapes

  • 0:02 that girl dressed in black on the left is lowkey fire though 🔥😜

  • Omg making nacho references

  • Go to a restaurant and read the food completely wrong

  • you're going to piss off a lot of blind people when they see this

  • Omg the tip and quarter was so gosh darn funny😂🤣😅

  • Why did I read that as "Two featuring Steel Quarter"?..

  • the NATO part was kinda genius

  • Possibly the best channel on youtube no cap, gives me vibes from back in the day with the Jackass crew. Brilliant channel keep up the good work Vlog Creations

  • I thought it said (ft. 2 steel quarters) at first

  • He should’ve put $.25 for the tip😂

  • You can tell that guy was meant for the part of the count

  • why dont they wear masks in the store

  • Urghhahhahahahg

  • 11:09 wait he vapes?? Or what is that some one please explain

  • At least he left a big tip

  • 2:45 was great.

  • 2:40 his laugh is a virus, it spreads.

  • yes bring them out!

  • 8:42 LMAO THEIR FACES 😂😂

  • The guys laugh, sounds like the vampire from Sesame Street


  • What kind of surf board is that

  • RIP jj,s nipels

  • Lol, I love the Nacho Libre references at the beginning.

  • what’s the name of pierced nipples guy

  • When Ross asked if there’s any good waves he should’ve said “Nah there’s nun dude” 😂

  • It would of been better if you would of let him keep the quarter.

  • Nun at day, surfer at Night. Riding the waves, Holy Style. "it helps me connect with Jesus." ( get it, I know hilarious- )

  • Deposit a check at a bank drive through, then go inside and withdraw the same amount in cash, then go back through the drive through and deposit the cash.

  • Epic

  • Get that corn out if my face!!!!!! So classic

  • ill take your tanning bed. i need some sun in maine

  • Jesus walked on water so nuns could surf it

  • He’s saying ‘a’ over and over

  • “What was your wish” “I can’t tell you dude, but it’s much more Likely to come true than yours”

  • Dude that waiter looks ridiculous with that chefs jacket and a bandana under his nose like a mustache...

  • "We tipped our waiter a big quarter!" "Really? Was it like a quarter or something?"

  • was that dude just born with the worlds best laugh

  • title is like this is the sequence and it features steel quarter

  • Legend

  • Ross is a vape god confirmed

  • 0:35 missed the chance for a savage pun ya " nun


  • Took me 8 seconds to realize that was jj

  • You should clap your hands with the bell in your hand in Walmart or in public 😂😂

  • did a old lady just offer to do some buisnuiss with this man

  • Did anyone else notice the guy with the laugh has same laugh as "the count" off sesame street? 😳😅

  • Is this the bonefish grill that lee rodarte worked at? That's nuts!

  • I remember getting my nipples pierced. It was the gate way to getting my PA💀

  • That wig guy is hilarious lol

  • 1 ahahahaha 2 ahahahaah 3 ahahahahah

  • its called inflation

  • Imagine how damn hard it'll be for Ross to find and do something funny new things just because it is his job.

  • You should have way more followers/subs than you do these vids are always hilarious

  • 30 top is a table of 30 people

  • you should do next vid is get glue and glue the giant quarter to the ground and wait for people to try to pick it up

  • JJ looks like Jason Hervey aka Wayne Arnold from Wonder Years

  • Everyone loves that dudes laugh like he ain't laughing like Dracula.🧛‍♂️

  • man said fresh coke like it was just harvisted

  • be a blind person and try to mug them facing the wrong way

  • I am once here

  • 2:33 the other guy from the store was so annoyed.