Leaving Servers a GIANT TIP (2 ft. Steel Quarter)

Publicado el 26 oct 2020
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Nun Surfing
1:00 Goofing Off
1:39 Blind Dirtbike
1:57 Wig Shop

2:43 NATO phonetic alphabet
3:32 JJ Piercing

4:55 Somebody Mama
5:29 Giant Tip
8:30 Wishing Well

9:00 Dirtbike in Rain
9:20 Broken Bell

10:20 Wig Store 2
10:35 Manatees are Dangerous
11:08 Speaking in Cursive


  • 0:02 Nun Surfing 1:00 Goofing Off 1:39 Blind Dirtbike 1:57 Wig Shop 2:43 NATO phonetic alphabet 3:32 JJ Piercing 4:55 Somebody Mama 5:29 Giant Tip 8:30 Wishing Well 9:00 Dirtbike in Rain 9:20 Broken Bell 10:20 Wig Store 2 10:35 Manatees are Dangerous 11:08 Speaking in Cursive

    • Dirtbike in rain Broken bell My brain: Drake bell


    • Bruh the list is messed up

    • Please don't use the lord's name like that

    • Ok

  • Somebody momma had me screaming 😂

  • Leave servers a “tip”😏

  • 11:09 I didn’t know that Ross vaped 🧐

  • This isn’t any bullshit about the manatees if you come to FL, look but don’t touch or you will be locked up faster than a DUI.

  • He shoulda gave him the giant quarter it was kinda weird that he didn't


  • that laugh make me laugh which make him laugh and it just never ends

  • Was wondering if they smoked the green at the end of the vid he said let me go see sum and then I’ll spark I’ve gotta smoke w these guys they would have me rolling for hours

  • bro i love the nacho lebre references

  • Now we know jj vapes

  • 0:02 that girl dressed in black on the left is lowkey fire though 🔥😜

  • Omg making nacho references

  • Go to a restaurant and read the food completely wrong

  • you're going to piss off a lot of blind people when they see this

  • Omg the tip and quarter was so gosh darn funny😂🤣😅

  • Why did I read that as "Two featuring Steel Quarter"?..

  • the NATO part was kinda genius

  • Possibly the best channel on youtube no cap, gives me vibes from back in the day with the Jackass crew. Brilliant channel keep up the good work Vlog Creations

  • I thought it said (ft. 2 steel quarters) at first

  • He should’ve put $.25 for the tip😂

  • You can tell that guy was meant for the part of the count

  • why dont they wear masks in the store

  • Urghhahhahahahg

  • 11:09 wait he vapes?? Or what is that some one please explain

  • At least he left a big tip

  • 2:45 was great.

  • 2:40 his laugh is a virus, it spreads.

  • yes bring them out!

  • 8:42 LMAO THEIR FACES 😂😂

  • The guys laugh, sounds like the vampire from Sesame Street


  • What kind of surf board is that

  • RIP jj,s nipels

  • Lol, I love the Nacho Libre references at the beginning.

  • what’s the name of pierced nipples guy

  • When Ross asked if there’s any good waves he should’ve said “Nah there’s nun dude” 😂

  • It would of been better if you would of let him keep the quarter.

  • Nun at day, surfer at Night. Riding the waves, Holy Style. "it helps me connect with Jesus." ( get it, I know hilarious- )

  • Deposit a check at a bank drive through, then go inside and withdraw the same amount in cash, then go back through the drive through and deposit the cash.

  • Epic

  • Get that corn out if my face!!!!!! So classic

  • ill take your tanning bed. i need some sun in maine

  • Jesus walked on water so nuns could surf it

  • He’s saying ‘a’ over and over

  • “What was your wish” “I can’t tell you dude, but it’s much more Likely to come true than yours”

  • Dude that waiter looks ridiculous with that chefs jacket and a bandana under his nose like a mustache...

  • "We tipped our waiter a big quarter!" "Really? Was it like a quarter or something?"

  • was that dude just born with the worlds best laugh

  • title is like this is the sequence and it features steel quarter

  • Legend

  • Ross is a vape god confirmed

  • 0:35 missed the chance for a savage pun ya " nun


  • Took me 8 seconds to realize that was jj

  • You should clap your hands with the bell in your hand in Walmart or in public 😂😂

  • did a old lady just offer to do some buisnuiss with this man

  • Did anyone else notice the guy with the laugh has same laugh as "the count" off sesame street? 😳😅

  • Is this the bonefish grill that lee rodarte worked at? That's nuts!

  • I remember getting my nipples pierced. It was the gate way to getting my PA💀

  • That wig guy is hilarious lol

  • 1 ahahahaha 2 ahahahaah 3 ahahahahah

  • its called inflation

  • Imagine how damn hard it'll be for Ross to find and do something funny new things just because it is his job.

  • You should have way more followers/subs than you do these vids are always hilarious

  • 30 top is a table of 30 people

  • you should do next vid is get glue and glue the giant quarter to the ground and wait for people to try to pick it up

  • JJ looks like Jason Hervey aka Wayne Arnold from Wonder Years

  • Everyone loves that dudes laugh like he ain't laughing like Dracula.🧛‍♂️

  • man said fresh coke like it was just harvisted

  • be a blind person and try to mug them facing the wrong way


  • 2:33 the other guy from the store was so annoyed.

  • You should've made the tip 25 cents

  • 2:40 I love how Ross makes it obvious that his laugh is funny without making it too obvious


  • I cannot find that somebody's momma vid anywhere

  • Is that a mf Nacho Libre reference?

  • oo ah ah ah. ah. ha. ha. ha. ha

  • 0:16

  • bring 4 giant quarters to a bank and try and get a dollar for it

  • (ft. Steel Quarter)

  • You could polish the quarter and make it a mirror

  • ESmain is a terrible platform run by evil people. And its about to die just like twitter and Facebook. Time to move on to another website like everyone is doing.

  • " forgive me Father for I have surfed " 😭

  • Go to some non surfing area dressed like a non and if someone says something act like everything is normal and its a non surfing area

  • I’ve been Doing this one prank for years were I call o Riley’s and then proceed to sing the intro to their commercial and stop near the end and ask them to finish it... and do it ITS FUNNY

  • yo ross vapes??

  • GIANT TIP!!!!!!!!!!

  • you shoulda put the tip as $.25

  • Okay but like this group with Danny Duncan would be amazing

  • His laugh is so cute and wholesome 😍

  • last sec of the video guy on the back sit is bound but they two in front are not gg ross the king

  • 😭

  • Me: sees title Also me: Mr Beast?

  • the best part of this guys videos is the pure joy and grin from ear to ear he gets its like he cant even believe hes pulling this off half the time. lmfao

  • the angry guy from siesta key! lol

  • where has Kole been?

  • The content stays fresh

  • I wish you would send that huge coin to me. That would be amazing.