Locking Myself in My Car and Calling a Locksmith to Get Me Out

Publicado el 5 oct 2020
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Scooter Gang
1:09 Gang at the Bar
2:25 Finding Scooter Rental Place
3:03 Sweet Tea
3:33 Harley Davidson Store
4:28 Asking Girls for their Venmo, Not Number
6:02 Locking Myself in My Car
10:11 Scooter Gang 2
11:00 Toilet Spray
11:23 Dropping off Gus


  • 0:02 Scooter Gang 1:09 Gang at the Bar 2:25 Finding Scooter Rental Place 3:03 Sweet Tea 3:33 Harley Davidson Store 4:28 Asking Girls for their Venmo, Not Number 6:02 Locking Myself in My Car 10:11 Scooter Gang 2 11:00 Toilet Spray 11:23 Dropping off Gus

    • Venmo my mom lol

    • New word: Alarm Phrase: If I press the button, it will set off the alarm

    • I die when girls put tier Venmo or Cashapp in their tinder bios 🤣

    • @Kevin M yeah, you right...still tho, would've been funny

    • @Alex Pestrucci I'm pretty sure that's harassment or assault.

  • Brewstew films: "We were like..a little fuckin' little uhh shitty biker gang-"

  • The scooter gang is intimidating af my mugs, stear clear of the *Florida Man MC* 🛴🛴🛴

  • Next video you should go to Macdonald’s and say your here for you reservation

  • This channel should be called "Florida man"

  • I’m dead

  • "This ain't no bar "lmaoo

  • The one girl riding side saddle on the moped. Such a respectable lady

  • bruh thr locksmith doesn't mind cause hr just earned 75 bucks from doing nothing

  • T..the boss won't like that😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • where's the other dude? The one who always seems stoned with the long hair

  • esmain.info/goal/v-deo/nq1fp6t4maygd7s

  • *”EHH... GIMME A MILK!!”*

  • The fact that they actually picked up biker babes is amazing

  • This can actually happen with the focus doors won’t shut or fly open while driving due to an latch issue

  • Omg yall actually just picked up 3 total babes on mopeds 🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌

  • 2:11 that’s was a sick shot

  • You at harley Davison

  • Should've put a car freshener on the bike

  • Dude you've always been my favorite youtuber. Been watching from the start. Funniest dude but a genuine good guy on the real. I have a good buddy you remind me of and he's the funniest but hardest working dude I ever met

  • Hahaha let's simp it up! Lmfao

  • You were wasting that guy's time. He could have been helping someone who was actually locked in their car.

  • 0:58 lmao

  • Bro they really jus picked up 3 random chicks on a scooter🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Best channel on ESmain

  • Scooter gang or scooter Brother?

  • Everyone go help @dellor. He just got his channel hacked. We must help him. Beef 🥩

  • Go to a car meet with an electric scooter

  • 1:02 dang Gabe Newell really went downhill

  • Cant help but binge watch these pranks 😹😹

  • 75$ just to open a car?

  • Why does the scooter stunt feel illegal asf🤣

  • easiest $75 of his life

  • Jesus loves you and he died for your sins so that you could have eternal life

  • The pushy toy fortuitously nail because software suddenly trip unto a disillusioned bagel. steep, courageous save

  • 0:58 the same guy from the fake money video😂😂😂😂😂

  • Draw tattoos on yourself and dress like a bad boy then when you talk to people make your voice high pitch and act really kind

  • This scooter gang is the most feared in the country

  • *We can pay off the debt when we are married* 😂💀

  • 6:02

  • I have family members who have died from Covid. Wtf

  • L/e/t/'/s s/i/m/p it up, LOL. 😆That = A leftist c/.u/.c./k./ S/.o/.y/.B/.o/.y/. LOL. 🤣

  • What's the name of the instrumental at 14 seconds and at 10:18?

  • omg you can just unlock you're self

  • "ye I done the extra thingEmajingE" 50 dolls extra

  • It’s sad that the locksmith got into some hot water for this. But still funny video

  • They got bitches on the scooters 😭

  • Absolute legend picking up chicks like that

  • why is every video 11:46

  • Little kid baby’s always be locking them selfs in Cars there so childish

  • The moped bandits 😂

  • 5:57 😂

  • Dress as professional motorcycle people and ride scooters, hoverboards, roller blades, or bikes😂😂

  • Absolutely love the Florida man shirt, wow.

  • Dawg when these mfs did a circle around the females LMAO IM DEAD

  • How is hat 75

  • I love everything about this ESmain channel 😂🤣😅

  • Scooter bros 4 lyfe bruh lol

  • Dude when y’all pulled the bitches I was blown away. This is the best group of friends ever

  • 6:00 that killed me😂😂

  • Ride Or Die - Hell's Flamingos

  • The disappointment on that locksmiths face when he see you

  • Didn’t the car key thing happen to Peter Griffin in Family Guy? 😂

  • so nobody is talking about how the car windssheild is broken? ok..

  • 1:55 who are they? 👀

  • Love all your videos man. 24 and I be watching this all laughin my ass off haha. And this locksmith was thoroughly confused lol

  • Omfg im watching family guyseason 4 ep 6 . At 2 n something minutes Peter is locked himself in his car lol keys by door . Im dying . He then gets a wire and tries to get em thru a crack. Omfg. I love it. I had to come back and say it. Is that where u got this idea from

  • scooter gang was fire

  • The shallow cowbell explicitly dam because cloakroom erroneously object unlike a impartial hate. nondescript, nervous tugboat

  • Cause ima a bad ass

  • he just does the dumbest thing and I just love it

  • I love how he agreed that the cops would have been called lol

  • Be warned alfa males coming thru

  • Put your shoes on a shelf in a shoe store, and ask the worker to get them for you in your size.

  • 4:10 The guy in the back flipping them the bird.

  • $75 ???? He just came and opened the door with the keys $75 for what???

  • Why did the locksmith take this so seriously? YOu can't lock yourself inside a car lool

  • So true story I'm 18 and I bought a bmw and 2 days later paid 4k in repairs and then a month later paid 6300 to have a new engine put in. Both sets of repair took loans soooo yeahhh... 🤦

  • Go to the dentist and ask them to make your teeth dirty.

  • Best channel on ESmain! Binge Watch his channel for 30 mins and then prove me wrong.

  • Test drive a car to another car lot where you want to buy a car from.

  • 75$ looking at his phone so it sounds nornal and cool price HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHHAHHAHAAHAHHA

  • Wait he agreed that it would call the cops? Idk man seems sus.

  • I can’t believe they managed to pick up women while riding those damn scooters 😂

  • Call AAA because you locked yourself in the car with the keys.

  • hilarious 😂

  • They actually got girls to ride with them lol

  • 0:55 Gaben got a second job

  • Nobody notices the Peace at 4:10

  • 10:32 *pulls finger at stranger*

  • yo ross please bring back chris and billy to your video

  • Lock urself into a bike

  • never seen someone so happy to simp on a girl before

  • 75$ LOL

  • I think this shows how scummy lock smiths are. Homie charged him $75 for doing nothing at all

  • I swear to God every prank when you call someone is amazing

  • Hhey..um..can I git your vinmo. Um I can sen you some money

  • $75 is such a freaking scam when he didn’t do anything.

  • Professional simp

  • 1.4 million views and only 64k likes?