Putting a TV Barcode on a Can of Beans and Trying to Buy It

Publicado el 21 dic 2020
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Picking up a fan
0:33 His story
1:54 Having a good time
4:10 Alternative restroom
5:05 Putting a TV barcode on a can of beans and trying to buy it
8:20 Bean Giveaway
8:35 Saint Nic
9:11 The right path in life
9:33 Knees hit me
10:03 Super Green
10:26 Can’t get hurt
10:40 Missing his old life


  • 0:02 Picking up a fan 0:33 His story 1:54 Having a good time 4:10 Alternative restroom 5:05 Putting a TV barcode on a can of beans and trying to buy it 8:20 Bean Giveaway 8:35 Saint Nic 9:11 The right path in life 9:33 Knees hit me 10:03 Super Green 10:26 Can’t get hurt 10:40 Missing his old life

    • @Toaster Volcano come on man. COME ON MAN.

    • Do you support no masks ?? If you’re around people just wear a mask is it that hard??

    • @ojosmorenas I washed ashore without a pulse and the lifegaurd came driving towards me too fast and couldn't stop or something. I have no idea how he managed to do it lol. But to back up and go over my neck again was unnecessary

    • @Rolling Stoned In which way did they run over your neck? Im so confused

    • @x1nny Fult wait, no i take back the reply i said, im srry

  • Ross.. I continue to forget to brush my tongue after each weekend... Hope you see this and remind me. #savemybreath

  • Why is it that when people are disabled and taking them places that they can’t do anything at making people laugh. Also it is a good humor. Also keep up the good work

  • If you do the barcode prank again, you should say that your wife will leave you if you come home without those beans..

  • Please learn how a mask works man, it's gotta get over your nose

  • So Nice 👍

  • Bro why is your mask down. I don’t understand people that do this.. it literally is pointless to even wear one if that’s what you do in a Walmart checkout line. And I genuinely love you so don’t take this as a hate comment. ❤️ Ps. Anyone with anti mask comments don’t bother posting I’m not going to read or respond to them.

  • dawg i swear i saw baylen levine and the boys in the van at 10:17 lol

  • Appreciate baylen Levine coming out with Ross at the trampoline place 4:10 and 2:07

  • U r my favorite 🤗u tuber 😍

  • Get like a dog in a cage and put in on a self on a store and try to buy it

  • i hope Evan is doing well.. this is a cool vid, thanks!

  • kyle and pj @ 2:02

  • like like like

  • The dropping off the pier was a good one

  • that dude is a legend lmao

  • That’s crazy. Man forgave the dude who shot him. That takes a lot.

  • That cummins was sick

  • 😂 what's does Biden have to do with the beans

  • Hey it’s been a while since I was at a trampoline park you should take me to, I’m not paralyzed below the waste but that’s besides the point.


  • Dude can't even wear a mask worth shite no offense bro. love the videos

  • Best ur channel for vlogs ever

  • Lady... just put the mask above the tip of your nose....

  • What’s the point in having a mask on your chin that’s so inconsiderate.

  • 8:12 lol

  • They should make a skit where the handicapped guy would stand up to offer a seat to the pregnant lady

  • 1:14 he will get lead poisoning as the years go by🥺

  • 2:14 🤣

  • Damn that guy is a 10/10 what a brave dude

  • Why aren't you wearing a mask?

  • Bro I was literally wheezing with the wheelchair guy. Amazing.

  • wat biden goddda dew witta beanz?

  • Your idiotic conservative side is showing

  • 8:02 HP Printer, not HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 8 Gigs of RAM GTX 1650 256gb, HP Printer.

  • The pushing him off the dock made me crack up!

  • I almost died laughing when you shook that guy when he was peeing 😂

  • This was a wheely good episode.

  • how did you get in the store without a mask??

  • does the guy have a chance for recovery? i hope hes happy.

  • What is that noise? Stop it. 😂😂😂😂

  • I swear i saw him move his legs

  • You guys are awesome!

  • 9:00

  • You should set up a widow and try to sell it like if it’s a TV some how

  • Not offering a restroom to your customers should always be punished by peeing on their wall. Great job 👍🏻

  • This guy is hilarious, but I hate how he doesn't wear the mask properly

  • Fix your mask 😷

  • 2:43 you know what they say when you fall off you get right back up 😏

  • video idea: dude in wheelchair chases me in public

  • This is so wholesome

  • dude thats fucking awesome

  • Friend shoots him in the stomach Also friend: what happen

  • He said 32 times "like" 0:10-1:18, thank me later xD.

  • I love these videos but please wear a mask it’s not that hard come on just put on your mask

  • ive watched this video so many times and just now realized baylen levine was in it.

  • he says "like" way too much omggggg. i feel bad for him but the way he talks is something he can change. and he should. this is so cringey.

  • this kid said "like" WAY too much, omg i can't listen to him just saying what people said on a video with this one disabled girl to show you're all hypocrites :)

  • The shake when he was peeing at the urinal has me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This video was nice, not until knowing their inability to wear mask.

  • Now the other way around

  • You should have done it the other way around so you could get a TV for the price of beans.

  • He was dragging his feet down the stairs😂😂 I love these guys

  • Just watched your videos and laughed my ass off so damn funny

  • 2:11 Special victim law and order

  • Does anyone see a ghost at 4:30 ??

  • Wear mask ,stupid ) :

  • Buy a blind person a brand new tv

  • with the same gun you got shot with, com eon ross xD thats too much

  • what happened to him tho will he be able to walk again?? and how did it affect his ability to walk

  • 3:20 he picked up his leg

  • Is he ever going to get of the wheel chair

  • Was that baylen Levine

  • Lemme join in on the pranks bro I love it

  • "Its asking me for a serial number" be funny to do that to a box of cereal 😂🤣

  • That was awesome and hilarious 😂 I have kidney stones pretty bad if you want to make some jokes haha

  • if yall set up a track that doesnt let the wheelchair fall out the back of the van and at stop lights when you get started let the rear doors swing open and wheelchair dude slide backwards so the people behind you think hes falling out the van lmao

  • i saw his legs move

  • Take a shot every time the man says "like"

  • At least walmart refused to let u get robbed even though u wanted to be robbed. That's great

  • Damn that fucking sucks, people need to know their gun safety or else don’t touch a fuckin gun bro what the hell

  • rarely laughed so hard. great video

  • I tried doing this once Ross I put beans barcode on the TV they wasn't happy nor was the police or judge 😂😂

  • wear your mask bro

  • Could you guys put a mask on. It's inconsiderate

  • anyone else notice Baylen Levine in the van with peej

  • Wear your mask!

  • That's funny. I put bean barcodes on tvs.

  • Pssst. Bullets do NOT set off metal detectors!! I was shot 3x in 2012. We used a metal detector you use in parks and yards, we used a wand, we even went in and out of local court house. BULLETS AND FRAGMENTS DO NOT SET OFF METAL DETECTORS. " Dont have to LIE TO KICK IT" Well maybe he does. I knew soon as he said that, that it was a mf lie. He looks stupid as hell.

  • Omfg 😭💀 his legggs

  • omg its jack

  • I love Ross and the people he meets. You guys are seriously freaking awesome

  • Next time, go get a box of cereal for when it asks for the “serial number”!!!! 😂

  • Not me thinking it was gonna be an oscillating fan at the beginning.

  • insisting on paying a rediculous amount caused a lil seperation between me an u

  • Beans

  • You should act like you’re blind and push a guy in a wheelchair around

  • Um can you pic up my feet lmao man that was great

  • I too peed on the exterior wall of a business that had their restroom closed. Covid 2021 #memories

  • 3:17 he moved his leg. It’s a miracle!