Putting People's Houses Up For Sale and Trying to Buy It

Publicado el 23 nov 2020
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0:00 Timestamps
0:02 People Think They’re Too Smart for This Joke 2

1:45 The Good the Bad and the Hungry
3:34 Big Front Yard
4:06 Seating Arrangement
4:26 Shooting Nerf Guns at Car Windows

5:48 Intro
6:07 Putting For Sale Signs in People’s Yard & Trying to Buy It
9:37 Lamp Trick shots
10:10 Brokeback Showdown
10:53 Reveal


  • 0:02 People Think They’re Too Smart for This Joke 2 1:45 The Good the Bad and the Hungry 3:34 Big Front Yard 4:06 Seating Arrangement 4:26 Shooting Nerf Guns at Car Windows 5:48 Intro 6:07 Putting For Sale Signs in People’s Yard & Trying to Buy It 9:37 Lamp Trick shots 10:10 Brokeback Showdown 10:53 Reveal

    • @Larson Films you have 11 comments lol lier

    • I will be in Sarasota in July, staying on siesta keys , beach rd. Any chance you can do a vid with me in it.?? Later bro keep up the awesome videos

    • Wow

    • 2:25 it's a nerf off

    • Call a plumber to flush your toilet

  • Pretend to break up with people you don't know.

  • Goes inside a random house *there is a literal pandemic*

  • It’s not my birthday but thanks for cake at the beginning

  • It kinda sounded like they were trying to sell that house to you 😂

  • yall ever think to yourselves that some of his videos are like iCarly?

  • Yes

  • Haha!😂

  • Those people in the house were sooo friendly

  • OmargoshTV is amazing

  • Ross is like if my dog was a human

  • The First Lady at the house looks like Courtney Hadwin when she’s like 30

  • I need that first girls number ASAP

  • 7:11 holy fuck...do they make them any shorter?

  • You cringey simp callers can perceive this as you will but damn! The girl at the beach in the beginning of the video is marvelously divine

  • 6:52 why does it look like the home owner is actually starting to cry there

  • The Mr Beast shade 😂💀

  • Biiiiig papa franku vibes when he’s eating the sandwich

  • Have Eliiot pet random people's dogs. Then have him say"can we keep him pleaseeeeeee" then tell him yes

  • 2mil?

  • They bought that house for 350k ? Jesus , my new townhouse was 400k and it’s probably half the size .

  • I come here every day for the good, the bad And the hungry

  • This video is an example of white privilege: only white guys would be crazy enough to walk around with toy guns, no matter how colorful, holstered in plain view in Walmart.

  • ross how much is that can going to be up for sale with the couch mNndnsnM lmfaooo

  • holy crap they were so nice they probably would’ve let them live there temporarily or forever lmfao and the lamp thing is so funny and looks so freaking fun

  • They should take a nerf minigun and hit the whole window

  • Would have been 10x funnier if he had a picture of him on the sal sign

  • poggers

  • 265k for that house, my house is way smaller and cost 960k, wow florida homes are cheap

  • did that man say... that he wanted popcorn ceilings put in?!

  • wtf he said he bought it for 235k???

  • *actually ends up selling the house to them*

  • I wish this whole video was about you putting for sale signs in people’s yards )):

  • Youse guys make this shit look way too easy.

  • That girl totally looks like someone that would tell you her dress has pockets😂

  • You need a polorizer for the car scenes!

  • Where’s billy at

  • You should do a prank where you walk into a store with as many masks on as possible or stop at a 4 way intersection and be the most kind person in the world and keep letting the other people go

  • The nerf dart on the watch on THE INSIDE of the jacket, brilliant

  • were these filmed before the pandemic

  • It's would have been hilarious if he actually ended up buying it for 2 million dollars. LOLOLOL

  • acting scene are meh...

  • I'm fucking crying Laughing!! Thank you!!

  • The cool thing about Ross and his content is that even if I’m not intrigued by the title I still watch because all of the other stuff

  • This is your best video 😂

  • Can y’all have a good the bad the ugly showdown in Wal mart?

  • You have to do more of the putting peoples homes up for sale. That was hilarious.

  • Try to bring somebody else's blood to a blood bank

  • Kidnapping peoples kids then returning them for reward money

  • First chick is bad

  • It looks like there shrunken down when Ross and JJ are making out

  • Ross 3 is best

  • Florida

  • What bitches

  • These videos are like the only videos on ESmain that leave my cheeks hurting after watching cause I’ve been smiling and laughing basically the whole time.😂😂 please don’t change keep doing what you’re doing.

  • These homeowners would be loved by serial killers 😭

  • House owner will be happy to see random guest coming over for dinner or sleepover party 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Poor dude was worried that he didn't look presentable 😂 If only he knew Ross fans couldn't care less

  • Hahaha that Wild West skit was amazing

  • Imagine you found who had just decided over breakfast to sell their house and they answer the door and your trying to buy it like 5 mins later. 😂

  • Ah, common! You didn’t even get your gun out of the holster dude.

  • Its yours for 2million

  • 7:42 how to rob a house

  • That's crazy they just let you in their 2million dollar house yall look normal and rich tho lmao

  • Lmao those people are so friendly that let you in their house

  • Cole has chicken legs just like me! Nice! Finally i know i’m not the only one😂

  • You shouldve fallen on your right side in the kitchen and said to the camera "time is on the right side"

  • What a bro lmao he just gave you a house tour

  • 🤣😝🤣Gud 1

  • That girl is lying down with an awful posture

  • Go to a drive thru restaurant with the music loud and when they tell you to turn it down turn it up instead

  • Y’all can literally be murderers on the run and they wouldn’t even guess it. LOL. Y’all wild

  • the only pranks i actually wheezed at

  • I feel like Ross is gonna turn into mr beast with all his money lmao

  • At a certain point I thought they were actually going to buy the house🤣

  • ross just made a new tactics. for robbers

  • holy shit that first girl with the airplane banner... i was geeking

  • Why does he remind me of Jake Paul 😆

  • Man those fine people were waiting for a long to finally talk about their house!!!

  • So no ones gona talk about how fine the first girl is?

  • It looked like y’all were making out when y’all started wrestling 💀

  • 2:30 You can see a strand of hair coming out of a pimple under his right eye.

  • *them being cowboys* Me: *playing red dead redemption music in the background*

  • Who remembers when Ross had long hair lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Why is all your videos las 11:46

  • @4:18 it’s the casting couch on wheels

  • Boys when theres one slice of pizza left: 1:50

  • You should have took a picture of the house before hand and put it on the sign for effect

  • White People 😂😂😂😂😂 Just Let AnyOne In Their House

  • Cole sounded Jealous, "they must be really getting along". Lol

  • The cameraman should've went in the house to make them think it's a TV show 😂😂

  • What a lovely family and home.

  • go to a skatepark and say stop skating

  • Just buy a hose

  • "is it like April fools?" no its november what planet are you on

  • What? A one story four bedroom house is two million dollars? What crappy state is this?

  • 10:10 RAM RANCH!

  • On god the funniest guy on earth

  • First female was so fine

  • Why I like Cowboy Movies 1:46