Riding a Rollercoaster but Screaming in the Wrong Places

Publicado el 2 nov 2020
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Parking Ticket
1:05 Double Sided Car
3:17 Parking Enforcement Comes back
4:46 Couch in Van

5:14 Rollercoaster Screaming at the Wrong Parts
7:30 Wookie
8:19 Couch Drive Thru
9:12 Wookie 2

9:55 Dream Catcher

10:05 Double Sided Car Drive Thru

11:10 Wookie 3

11:27 Idea by


  • 0:02 Parking Ticket 1:05 Double Sided Car 3:17 Parking Enforcement Comes back 4:46 Couch in Van 5:14 Rollercoaster Screaming at the Wrong Parts 7:30 Wookie 8:19 Couch Drive Thru 9:12 Wookie 2 9:55 Dream Catcher 10:05 Double Sided Car Drive Thru 11:10 Wookie 3 11:27 Idea

    • @Aden Zain testing it out right now. Seems good so far :)

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    • Plzzzzz let Merrick from joogsquad borrow this car so we can get the Clearwater parking police.

    • Thank you!

    • Lol

  • Its not a prank its just lag

  • Homeboy wherein a spec tuned shirt?!

  • Me after riding montu for the 300th time

  • He took off the big-foot mask in I didn't see the difference 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Wait so which side of the car was being controlled? Or could you control both sides separately? I didn’t get that

  • I love how the double fronted car crab walks

  • 5:58 be like slow reaction time

  • Is that Busch gardens?

  • Bruh no one I know screams on cheetah chase

  • Parallel park like a god

  • Great vid

  • Nah he aint screaming at the wrong places he just laggy af

  • why cant you back in?????

  • One of the rides looked liked cheetah hunt from busch gardens

  • Imagine taking that double sided car on a date! LMAO!

  • Rosses laugh brings me life

  • Bro really went on a rollercoaster ride with ski mask😅

  • How do you put gas in that car?!?😂

  • That fucking car has me crying

  • I want that chewbacca costume

  • Dude said that you guys should give this car to a single mother when you're done with it what about a single father how come no one ever thinks about Father's it's no easier to be a single father than it is to be a single mother and good joke by the way hilarious I hate parking tickets

  • 9:41 he literally raised his eyebrows twice... how

  • He’s just lagging

  • now make a triple sided car

  • 4:13 Fuck yea boys, fight the system

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  • did they paint the front of one of the cars silver to match the other one or am i losing my mind???

  • Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool So Hilarious man XD lmao

  • Dude that’s Morgan’s Honda at the start!!!!!!!

  • Ross is a delayed reacter!

  • dude you should had said you have delayed reactions 😂😂

  • Best parallel parking footage ever!!

  • 4:44 engineering marvel

  • Ngl this is one of my favourite channel on ESmain

  • 4:38 easiest parallel parking ever

  • I would’ve made both ends the back end but kept the front interior on both ends and then backed in

  • 7:30 that’s an awesome Chewy costume. Great vid my dude

  • They are at Busch Gardens! I love that park

  • i have to imagine that Ross’ car is in some Sarasota Parking Enforcement training slideshow now lol

  • When you cant afford the newest audi so you make one your self 4:30


  • The two sided car on a highway would be terrifying lol

  • 😂😂

  • Wait so you both controll the car.. wtf...

  • Sounds like me returning to monke 5:14


  • Only in the U.S would they make it illegal to park backward

  • No WAYYYYYYY 10000TH Comment

  • "That kid just pulled out his iPhone 20" 💀🤣🤣

  • Your channel actually gives me life

  • I couldnt stop laughing at the roller coaster. Dude Ross...this is it chief lol

  • lmfaofmaofmao bro you like got a show now wtf i love this content. Your friends seem nice and normal too not like dicks and shit like other vids

  • Instead of doing 2 fronts I thought you were going to do 2 backs of the car

  • Do donuts with the double sided car

  • 5:25 what even is that sound?

  • no freaking way i was on montu the same day as ross because there was some dude screaming at all the wrong parts but i never saw who it was i’m so upset

  • I need red haired girls insta

  • 2 sided car actually works: WE DID IT! *instert guy shredding the guitar*

  • It for sale

  • Censored bar on the girl at 6:19 lol

  • ross is the florida man Fully evolved. he skipped the whole Felonious assault, drug addiction, and recovery and went straight to SUPERPOWERS

  • Are road safety laws just not a thing in Florida?

  • Bro that car was epic.

  • He says alright fine when he gets a fine

  • When you hold in your screams but you need to let it out:

  • Is this the guy LAHW?

  • Lol you made a two sided car to prevent parking tickets!😂


  • Getting insured like 'So has this car been modified in any way?' 😂

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm done !!! The rollercoaster part lmao 3rd clip of it

  • I'm getting 3rd party embarrassment. I love your videos but I hate them at the same time 😂

  • anyone know what couch that is?

  • For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life-John 3:16 ✝️

  • You've beaten the system!

  • i still dont get where they put fuel or where they put the gas tank

  • That low five sequence @4:12 was so fire

  • You always manage to make me laugh. Your awesome dude

  • Bro where do I get one of those cars, even though I don't have friends to be the other driver

  • What you see in Florida is a mystery itself

  • Thats awesome man😂😂

  • Not even a clickbait, Just put the picture of that damn car in the thumbnail and get 20mil views you deserve, God

  • Ross gives me pure joy

  • Yo its Harvard you want a scholarship

  • pacific rim car

  • Good, casual fun lol. Great video! xD

  • Go through a drive thru and then tell them “no it’s fine I don’t want anything” when it’s your turn to order, then go through the line like normal

  • Home gurl bussin on cheetah hunt

  • Just slap an angle kit on that car and it will become the ultimate sideways parking car

  • Sounded like Patrick the star fish when you was screamin

  • i have never seen it be illegal to back into a spot somewhere. what kind of rule is that

  • When he is screaming it sounds like a dieing pig

  • Did the girl behind him at 6:35 pass out?

  • What an American thing, you can’t back in to parking spots

  • Wait what is it illegal to reverse you car into a space? Why the fuck is that illegal ? What a bullshit rule.

  • Why do they prohibit back in parking?

  • The girl in red hair look like 69 with her mask on 😂

  • that car is from the future lol

  • The car is actually really really useful in real life. They should sell these for real. And the parking ability. But maybe with just one driver.

  • That was sick parking 😂😂😂😂