Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Cones but Putting Mashed Potatoes on Instead

Publicado el 4 ene 2021
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0:00 Timestamps
0:02 Scooters
0:30 Axe Throwing Store
1:47 Kole’s open but no one sees
2:07 Scooters pedestrian
2:34 Cooking mashed potatoes
3:03 Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Cones
5:27 Pole jump
5:43 Riding Scooters
6:09 Giving colorblind person glasses
7:43 Calling in Healthy to Work
9:47 Monday morn
10:03 Football stuck
10:39 Gus doesn’t tire
11:16 Pier


  • 0:02 Scooters 0:30 Axe Throwing Store 1:47 Kole’s open but no one sees 2:07 Scooters pedestrian 2:34 Cooking mashed potatoes 3:03 Selling Vanilla Ice Cream Cones 5:27 Pole jump 5:43 Riding Scooters 6:09 Giving colorblind person glasses 7:43 Calling in Healthy to Work 9:47 Monday morn 10:03 Football stuck 10:39 Gus doesn’t tire 11:16 Pier

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    • Hiii

    • You should call a tech place and ask what a letter on the keyboard does.

    • Hey Ross do a please do a video where you eat cold food then pretend like it’s hot and burning your mouth that would be the best thing ever😂😂🤣🤣

    • I'm eating mash potatoes right now for lunch and it reminded me of your video

  • Imagine if he happened to serve the one kid in humanity allergic to potatoes...

  • The father with the 2 daughters was so cool

  • gus is a gem

  • He should’ve used mike wozowski for the calling in healthy😂😂😂

  • Hi

  • I would definitely devour a garlic mashed potato cone

  • thats in florida

  • Plot twist: the kids were allergic to mashed potatoes

  • "The sky is my favorite thing" That made me feel like I take being non colorblind for granted.

  • 4:53 sqeeeeeek

  • That’s dude can hear a mouse fart lmfao

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  • 2:01 could someone from that area tell me whats above kole? It seems like a transparent film architecture

  • These are the pranks I like No endangerment or humiliation or stupidity Just light hearted fun where both the victim and the prankster can laugh

  • He should call in healthy and actually go there seems fun haha

  • I would watch but there’s only white people... little weird

  • 8:39 You missed a great opportunity to say *Hawk* and you said *Swanson* .. come on man

  • Name? Alex, last name? call, who's this? Mike, mike who? Michael.... LMAO

  • 10:03 lol

  • 5:09 that kids reaction😂

  • Wheres the icecream there is none

  • 1:49 whats up with the sky

  • When he said no it just looks like it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pleeaasseeee do a longer ice cream prank, that sh.t was hilarious

  • This is how pranks should be done lol

  • I honestly would eat mashed potatoes on a cone. Imagine the cone was made out of a southern style biscuit with some good gravy on top. It could be good!

  • He definitely rocks the v2’s with a bummy look

  • I’m so glad that there’s a funny prank channel that is actually real and isn’t stupid “golddigger” garbage

  • What if someone was alergic to potato

  • @5:23 "Baby, I'm just gonna spin, spin, spin, spin, spin I spin it off, I spin it off (Whoo-hoo-hoo) ♫"

  • Bit dangerous since people can be VERY allergic to potatoes. When you're getting icecream you don't expect it to be mashed potatoes. You gotta watch out with food stuff dude...

  • The amount of ads

  • Bring your own gym equipment to the gym.

  • The psychotic connection sequentially interrupt because thursday excitingly avoid an a efficacious stick. beneficial, nutritious meal

  • Ross did you fart 5:29😂😂😂

  • 6:15 rip eli's snack

  • “I don’t even wanna play anymore”

  • they must no could be allergic

  • Do you at least give them some Real Ice Cream after you prank the lil kids ... If not your a fucken Dick Dawg

  • That one girl just kept eating the mashed potatoes

  • call in sick to a doctors appointment

  • 6:09 💖💖💖

  • Hiii

  • The colorblind part was realy wholesome man

  • What if one was allergic to potatoes

  • 1:55 Why is the sky like that

  • My name is also Elliott so when he said Elliot I was like oh thats me but Ik that its just his nephew

  • What the fuck is up with the sky at 1:53

  • Damn elliot can speak actual English now

  • 3:57 there is a guy falling on his back in the background

  • That mash potatoes/ice cream bit had me laughing my ass off

  • im a high or does the sky look kinda funny at 1:54

  • Doesn't eliot look like lil waynes cover pic to how to love

  • Elliot still isn’t aging? He needs so viramins

  • You should call into “work” clear for covid and ready to return 😆

  • 11:20 did he just quote eminem 😂

  • 3:57 in the background 🤣

  • (5:30 & 5:38 )lmfao that fart

  • 5:21 lmaoo he the only one deadddd af🤣🤣🤣he wheezin and everything 🤣🤣

  • Were the satan hates me shirts ever on the merch store??? New sub I would absolutely subtract money from my bank account to purchase one of those

  • I think the potatoe cones would be good you need gravy and butter for toppings

  • I would like one of those Satan Hates You shirts. Where do I get it?

  • Those girls had such good manners lol

  • ᅠᅠᅠᅠ

  • "You think putting potatoes instead of ice cream and giving it to kids is funny?" "...yes I do, and I'm tired of pretending it's not."

  • 3:56 guy falls attempting a trick

  • Calling into work letting them know you're feeling better and the Gonorrhea has cleared up. That would have been hilarious

  • Plot twist one of the kids is secretly deadly allergic to mashed potatoes

  • 4:30 those little girls like exactly like my toddler bro 🤯

  • What is that stuff in the sky at 1:55? ANYONE

  • 4:50 literally its already funny but ross's wherze make it better lol 😂

  • 9:56 had me dead 😂😂

  • This dude really put his chips on the tree at 6:17 so no one would touch em lmaoooooo

  • On to in please for title

  • Its such a good joke but oh those kids were not fans

  • 7:18 imagine ross is like, "alright cool, just wanted to see if they work" and he takes them back cx

  • I’m a lil lost here, why no one there is wearing masks????

    • @Pure yeah I see. I really hope it all ends soon and we go back to normal again.

    • @Nature Beauty i mean, you’re only in real danger of attracting or giving the virus when you’re in a confined space with poor air ventilation. if you’re just outside and not touching other people, you should be fine

    • @Pure so we’re allowed to have our masks off outside??

    • They’re just outside

  • 3:57 Legend walks away from skateboard accident like nothing happened

  • 11:59

  • 5:29 did he fart?

  • Everyone gansgsta till they say "I'm allergic to potatoes "

  • Pure evil jk

  • Yo I went to that park on vacation. Why u gotta copy me Ross?🥺

  • That is blue and purple... It looks like really pink😭😂

  • I live in Sarasota and it sucks that I’ve never seen him

  • He is related to Adam 22

  • Its been so long since I've been here

  • My man sounds like a freaking tea pot whistling lmao

  • @CreationRoss pay for something expensive in pennys

  • 5:36 fart?

  • 6:16 Puts his zip-loc baggy of chips in a tree and lets em fall HAHAHA, dumb humor like this is why I love these videos man, it's real humor, makes me feel like I'm hanging out with the boys

  • I hate you lol

  • Dude should have brought some real icecream with you to give them for being part of your prank

  • The clouds at 1:55 are insane

  • glasses that make you colorblind

  • Hi

  • Jesus loves you and he died for your sins so that you could have eternal life

  • The balloons are what got me. Went from thats obviously blue and purple to blue and really pink.

  • @5:33 fart slips out 💨 😭😂