Setting Up an Ice Cream Stand at McDonald's Cause Theirs is Broken

Publicado el 21 sep 2020
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0:00 Timestamps
0:02 Returning Video Game cause My Character Died

1:55 One Small Step for Man
2:23 Elliot Playing Claw Machine
4:01 Consignment Shop

4:32 Charlie Alpha Bravo
5:16 Setting Up an Ice Cream Stand at McDonalds
8:50 Dry Ice
9:53 Post Ice Cream Drive
10:41 Attempts
11:03 Charlie Alpha Bravo pt 2


  • 0:02 Returning Video Game cause My Character Died 1:55 One Small Step for Man 2:23 Elliot Playing Claw Machine 4:01 Consignment Shop 4:32 Charlie Alpha Bravo 5:16 Setting Up an Ice Cream Stand at McDonalds 8:50 Dry Ice 9:53 Post Ice Cream Drive 10:41 Attempts 11:03 Charlie Alpha Bravo pt 2

    • 1:00 it would've been funnier if you played the stupid character

    • Lol you shouldve told the mcdonalds manager 'im not selling anything you guys sell though.' Machine always be down

    • Your fucking funny ross

    • Where's Cole?

    • @Fviz no, no, he's got a point

  • This summer my friend gave me an idea to get cold sodas from Sam's Club and sell them up and down Ocean City Boardwalk say $5 for 30 pack of soda Sam's Club I'm make 25 you know it's a good business I'll do that with the ice cream stand

  • Imagine working at a shitty massive corporation with shit wage and saying a small business guy is in the wrong for effecting Mcdonald's 0.000000000000000001% profits. Lol

  • I laughed so hard when he went up to worker and gave her ice cream

  • U never realize how long 5 months is until u see one of Ross's vids

  • How to get money

  • 1:52 that girl wants youuuu 👀 she checked you up and down 3 times! Dude your so in there🙌🏻

  • What kind of an idiot do you have to be to pick up a used syringe by the river? I really want to unsubscribe after seeing such stupidity.

  • God damn ice cream machines always broken McDonald's son's a b**** corporate criminals

  • 9:00 all the fish are dead i think...

  • Im sure the gamestop kid has heard dumber things than this.

  • Next time you mess with dry ice put it in a cooler and put a tennis ball pick itup with tongs and if you drop it on concrete itll shatterlike glass

  • I actually never had the problem that McDonalds ice cream machine is broken.

  • Buy something that worth same amount and tell them keep the change

  • You know. It wouldnt be promoting if there were no logos and no money was exchanged

  • Scientist: dont hold hold dry ice Ross: say what now?

  • .

  • This is so funny cause I work at a McDonald's

  • Supply and demand at it's finest

  • 8:15 reminds me of Gob from arrested devolpment when he pretends to be a waiter, but the joke never ends so he ends up working a full shift lol

  • I was laughing along and smiling until you said this 2:11 😳 then I blown away BC that is exactly how my kukom (grandma in cree language) passed away. Yes it was a joke and meant to be funny but f****ck that's crazy man anyway love the videos

  • Of course they send the lgbtqlmnop kid to tell him to leave save some letters for the rest of us

  • Y’all notice that the ice cream machine at McDonald’s is always down how is that lol

  • Then fix your d*mn icecream machine!!!! We want icecream when we want it!!!!

  • I wouldn't of left lmao

  • karens

  • 7:20 takes the money and sprints 💀

  • 3:11 is that ross' girlfriend or elliots mom

  • these videos are so fucking entertaining

  • 5:16

  • Even when their machine is working they won't let you eat your ice cream the way you want to it.

  • I swear I got an ad for McDonald’s

  • *”marry-io”* i died laughing

  • Ross is such an inspiration for Elliot

  • i just realized how close his voice sounds to jessie from pvp

  • 1:47 I need them shortys to look at me like that

  • What he descrided happened to one of my grandmas

  • That teddy bear machine was rigged just like the election

  • I dont see a food cart license

  • Chaotic good

  • why is it at every McDonalds they never have icecream

  • Bro omg this McDonald’s is 3 mins away from me I wish I would’ve came

  • The immense cent subjectively exist because anteater ultrasonically rule underneath a painstaking discovery. spiky, absorbed paul

  • Bring Cole to a veterinarian because he throws up every time he eats

  • Find a broken escalator and pretend that you're stuck on it cause it won't move

  • The setting up an ice cream stand at McDonald's prank looks like the Krusty Krab and Chum Bucket fighting to see who has the best ice cream

  • Everyone loves ice cream

  • Uber people and have the weirdest car ride

  • “If you don’t want us to record we’ll just put it down.” *Recording🔘 4:15

  • gt grand theft automatic 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😵

  • 9:22😂

  • 😂😂😂

  • 💀🤣

  • 7:48 the guy that's to much of an azzhole to get over get lucky in life.

  • Good to know karen works at McDonald’s

  • R.I.P mario


  • Maybe if they fixed their Ice Cream machines, then Ross wouldn't be there taking their business. Its a smart idea, don't you think McDonalds?

  • Finally a video where Ross wears a mask

  • There should be a time stamp at 9:45 labeled my kinda fun. 😂

  • One small step for Nan, one broken bone in Nan's hind

  • Other people: I’ll wear gloves so I don’t get Corona from a door handle. Ross: Hey wanna lick my used syringe with me?

  • Who is the girl at 1:45

  • How they gonna be like: out ice cream machine is down sorry But when somebody actually has it they get mad

  • that karen manager walked across the street and berated him after he got off the property. sad

  • p as in pterodactyl

  • that girl cute as hell, you know who im talking about

  • U can actually make series money by selling ice cream while McDonald’s is down

  • Lol

  • I didn’t know you can touch dry ice😩

  • You should use this car in many more videos, its just too funny

  • Tell them h as in dinosaur K as in snake Y as in jalapeño And then on it would he soooo funny

  • They always say the ice cream machine is down because they are lazy and hate cleaning the machine FACTS

  • Who's the girl in the back at 1:50

  • grand theft auto parts

  • Now that's the kind of competitive marketing strategy we like to see! If Ross needs a better truck to drive, we might be able to work out a temp position 😂😂😂

  • Hey! If you are seeing this, I just wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you! He loves you so much that He died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead so that you could be saved from sin and the wrath of God! This is the Gospel; you can be saved from God’s wrath and hell if you believe and trust in Jesus! God Bless you all!

  • Nah I don’t care what anyone says but he’s doing gods work selling ice cream when the ice cream machines don’t work at McDonald’s

  • Put expiration dates on things that don’t expire and try to return them

  • Karens are evolving! They have become the manager.

  • 4:32 “P” as in Pterodactyl

  • Funny part for me was the icecream cart actually did pretty well.

  • grand theft automatic lmao

  • 8:46 a wild Karen appears

  • “Is it free?” “No it’s a dollar” “Oh ok well no then” “How about one for free?” “No” 🤷‍♂️

    • Hahaha dude didn't want to come off as a complete cheapskate

  • Say your game discs aren't working but your actually putting xbox discs in a PlayStation haha

  • No one cares about you dude, what about the girl in the back seat, is she the one with one arm? She can only fight back half as much. 75 percent if she uses her feet.

  • Karen 8:05


  • Literally the best business idea ever The supply and demand on that would be through the roof

  • Hey Merry Christmas Ross, love your videos!

  • funny idea, get a credit card pin or debit pin thats ALOT of numbers long so when you put it in the machine and it beeps as you press each number it beeps like 20-30 times instead of the usual 4 numbers to troll the person working the till.

  • L as in losing a loved one, i am crying LMAOOOO

  • 8:30 the karen has entered the video.

  • Who's the fat lady in the Hawaiian shirt?

  • Haha Omg Its hilarious watching the drive thru workers watch out the window and see you selling ice cream 😂 😂

  • It’s hilarious that one guy walked out to get one and said yesirrr to sprinkles

  • Wait Megan grew an arm?? @1:45

  • The ice cream cart is awesome 🤣😂

  • shawty want that big rossage