Showing People Pics of My Baby but Every Pic is a Different Baby

Publicado el 31 ago 2020
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0:00 timestamps
0:07 Baseball Bat Smashing

0:46 Water Bottle Hoops

1:06 Fake Peeing Prank
2:04 Luggage Carrier
2:57 Convertible with umbrella
3:55 Showing People Pics of My Baby
6:30 I’ve got rights!!
7:14 Girl runs from me
8:29 Broken Rope
9:26 Sunhatkid v2
9:55 Getting Ball Stuck


  • 0:07 Baseball Bat Smashing 0:46 Water Bottle Hoops 1:06 Fake Peeing Prank 2:04 Luggage Carrier 2:57 Convertible with umbrella 3:55 Showing People Pics of My Baby 6:30 I’ve got rights!! 7:14 Girl runs from me 8:29 Broken Rope 9:26 Sunhatkid v2 9:55 Getting Ball Stuck

  • 10:43

  • 7:15 omg these guy were so awkward 😂😂

  • Dude have the weirdest beard on earth and dare say "what in the world" loooool

  • This guy has original ideas that are funny as hell😂

  • ross, your lucky that scrappy the cholo didnt whistle at you lol

  • Ross is gonna die on this channel 😂

  • Shows white kid then Asian kid then black kid “aww”

  • Ross, please for the love of all, Do a part 2.

  • dude get six or seven automatic moving luggage bags, tether them to the luggage carrier and pull yourself around with it lol

  • Should have showed them an egg 😂

  • They must've thought he's crazy or tripping 🤣🤣🤣

  • he should have left a watermarked stock baby image

  • Give people masks but you’re not wearing one

  • Buy some letter box numbers but return them because the numbers are around the wrong way even though you can just switch em around 😂

  • Ross and Juan. This is epic.

  • I'm happy he's used water because Logan Paul would have used his actual piss

  • “Yeah this baby was the hardest to capture.”

  • I was cracking up the whole time how he’s so serious about the pictures I would be laughing after all the pics

  • That’s such a coincidence, I was binge watching Thatwasepic and now I’m binge watching you and I see Juan here, a dream come true

  • Elliots math Equation- 3+3=4

  • I dont understand how he keeps a straight face 😂😂😂

  • Was it Juan from ThatWasEpic ?

  • wait omfg why is elliot wearing a blue lives matter shirt

  • You should chase joggers

  • You really need to do more with thatwasepic

  • That moment when the baby pic suddenly went from male to female

  • Ross is literally addicted to laughing.

  • They like to dress him up 🤣🤣

  • Dude i've been going through horrible depression the past few months and your videos are the only thing keeping me together ... I really want to thank you for the laughs

  • bruh i can’t dude 😂 ross has me dyin laughing like the whole video

  • hilarious

  • 4:28 holy fuck how do you keep a straight face lmaoo

  • Broooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • That first guy was like GD I’m getting too old or else I’m seeing shit.

  • Elliot shoulda popped up at the right moment to really confuse them

  • 2:10 dream?

  • Id seen parts of this one i think on fb, but i never saw the main part with the baby pictures and that had me dying laugjing this is an excellent ross prank

  • Drive by or walk around and bark at people and their dogs

  • 5:05 “how old is he?” “oh he’s almost 3” *shows picture of a 6 y/o*

  • Hahahaha the pic prank is genius

  • "He's learning his math" 3+3=4

  • ok but why does elliot have a blue stripe flag on at school? or at all? he’s not old enough to know about that

    • check me out let’s grow together in 2021 🔥

  • Youre one of the only ESmainrs that put time stamps, yet you're one of the only ESmainrs that doesn't need them.

  • This is him.....omfgrolf

  • I love how the guy was just supportive even when the child literally changes gender and race. Wholesome.

  • i love you ross but elliots shirt is not it

  • 5:01 smurf lives matter?

  • Hahahahaha they like to dress him up hahaha

  • U guys never disappoint to make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 10:22 I was so hoping you’d start rolling the window up

  • the baby part tho

  • Yo that was epic!!!!

  • Lmfao the picture part was hilarious man 😂😂😂😂😂

  • lollololol

  • yo at 1:46 man a waterbender

  • Who’s the guy at 1:35. I swear he a youtuber

  • Just goes to show no one likes baby photos

  • Do this but to someone with a baby, then tell them now their baby can be your baby and see if they fight or flight.

  • who's the girl in the car?

  • The people were so confused by the different babies but the one lady who just said awe was great

  • Shoot strangers with a water pistol.

  • They were so nice lmao “He doesn’t look too happy there”

  • That girl said “🏃🏾‍♀️”

  • I love to see ya guys together ❤❤😍😍

  • the man didnt wanna be rude and just kept shaking his head 😂😂😭😭😭😭

  • LOL

  • I've got rights,(NOT IN FLORIDA BUDDY)

  • why did they go along with it for so long

  • Are people stupid or what?😂

  • How can he go up to random people and ask them if they want to see his baby WHEN I CANT EVEN ORDER FAST FOOD IN PERSON

  • im pretty sure these people thick you are mental

  • you should of brought up thst both you and your wife are whole but awa baby tans easy and thats ehy his skin is a bit dark but get a full corcation kid and they will think u believe the black baby is yours lol

  • 8:30 LMAOOOO

  • My man listens to *hopsin* my god ross really is my _spirit animal_

  • Anyone else notice right behind Elliot's picture the math said 3x3=4

  • Yo that pictures of your kid thing was the funniest thing I've ever seen! I literally thought I was going to pass out from laughing so hard🤣

  • Shoutout Eliot with Thin Blue Line shirt

    • @P Spaghetti lmao why would i "get over it" ?? its disgusting to wear a horrible shirt like that

    • @solia curiel get over it

    • nah that shirt has a gross flag on it. hope they dont actually support blue lives matter

  • I care less enough about everyone, that ALL of the pictures you just showed are legitimate and 100% factual. No questions asked. I'll just shake my head and say "WoaH hEs So tAll!" And continue to do whatever I'm doing.. hopefully satisfying you and my social anxiety.

  • I love Ross's humor because it's my kind humor

  • The 1st couple were so nice omg

  • Sir is your baby a shape shifter?

  • They don’t care they just say: oh so cute

  • Crossovers are just amazing

  • I’m dying over here 😂

  • Positive comment

  • You should get him showing parent pictures

  • You guys are big jerks those poor home owners got there base ball bats destroyed for a dumb video 😢 I still liked tho because it made me laugh a bit

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  • “I’m just a bag in the wind”

  • There is so many good suggestions commented on your videos

  • The kid pics bit is hilarious

  • 7:47 should've asked him why he parked next to you lot then

  • bro it said 3x3=4 lmfao

  • He shoulda shown the bowl of spinach

  • Throw cheese

  • I’m laughing so hard I’m crying at the baby pics one. I think it’s a combination of how stupid this shit is and how he’s able to keep a serious face with a monotone voice 😂😂😂

  • Funny how they never noticed how they all different babies and different races

  • Exorcising on the beach 😂

  • This guy knows good time