Spraying Flowers with Fart Spray and Giving them to Girls

Publicado el 15 feb 2021
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0:00 Timestamps
0:02 Buying a new truck
0:16 Kole’s sick ride
1:12 Setting up the surprise
2:23 Giving him the truck
4:49 Buying flowers
5:15 Spraying Flowers with Fart Spray and Giving them to Girls for Valentine’s
8:04 2x4 skateboard
8:55 Milk break
9:19 Bringing Katherine flowers
10:50 Kole shows his fam
11:07 Brown trampoline
11:37 It was a 2000


  • 0:02 Buying a new truck 0:16 Kole’s sick ride 1:12 Setting up the surprise 2:23 Giving him the truck 4:49 Buying flowers 5:15 Spraying Flowers with Fart Spray and Giving them to Girls for Valentine’s 8:04 2x4 skateboard 8:55 Milk break 9:19 Bringing Katherine flowers 10:50 Kole shows his fam 11:07 Brown trampoline 11:37 It was a 2000

    • Posted 2 weeks ago impossible

    • Everyone of his videos are labeled so there is no need for this as you’re scrolling through the video you can see the time stamps

    • esmain.info/goal/v-deo/gX-ZgNd0qKpnoLM

    • @Duke JC i don't, how?

    • You're putting his description out of business smh

  • Why do americans like trucks that much? You move 2 tons to get 80kg to work

  • Ross i want to live your life. It looks so fun.

  • Walk up to somebody and salute them and say “thank you for your service”

  • ❤️💪🏻👨🏻‍🔧

  • Seeing his kids soooooooo excited about the truck killed meeeee!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Its shit like this that makes ross such a great person !!!! Ross you rock man !!!!! Your a great person !!!

  • Give Elliott a skateboard like that for his birthday!

  • Ross is such a great guy was . awesome brother

  • The skateboards sent me😂

  • this was such a good episode love you guys

  • "It's still a 2000" LMAO I know Ross was dying at that

  • not Kole over here bragging about his homemade taillights Lmao

    • @Bigbeanbob sorry if it sounded offensive

    • @Bigbeanbob Oh I wasn't making fun of them.

    • not you making fun of the most advanced taillights known to man mended by the best craftsmen in the world.

  • Im a 32 year old man and i almost started crying when Kole got the truck 😂

  • Like Outkast said, "Roses really smell like poo poo." Lol! Did anyone else in the comments write this? I couldn't resist! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wholesome

  • I almost cried watching him give that to kole 😂

  • I’m paranoid about this being another David Dobrik thing but even if it’s like that shit at least the acting is good

  • Kole's family is so cute. I am so happy for him.

  • Brown Tranpoline 😂

  • One word.... GENIUS

  • I got tears watching this... ross is a real one‼️

  • Still running cause it’s a god damn chevy

  • kole is always funny doing the prank

  • Seeing cole happy makes me happy

  • Seeing Cole and his kids super happy at the end was so wholesome, I love these guys!!

  • Put ur seatbeatls on

  • Can you Drive me Somewhere!

  • Amazing video! This is my favorite ESmainr!

  • I love that hes family friendly its epic

  • Wow didnt even use the truck as click bait, what a good guy 👏👏

  • Next is going to be "Getting Kole clothes" and no, not new clothes

  • “It’s still a 2000” hahah

  • Love this guy, at one point i wasn't watching his channel cuz it was corny af bit hes really come into his own and ill be watching his future vids

  • Absolutely awesome video as usual

  • Why’d you have to make me cry? I was just looking forward to shit flowers! We all love you Kole. ❤️

  • Kole deserves that so much.

  • Boggles me how this channel has so few subscribers. Ross, you are a quality dude, and Kole is a treasure. Warms my heart!

  • Awe, he's such a good dude too

  • Thats awesome i love how humble kole is ! Hes one of my favorite characters

  • 11:26 I lost it

  • Bro makes millions each year and just now bought him a truck? Obviously he gets paid already for being a part of the videos.

  • Best part of this video is the title and thumbnail, could’ve gotten way more views saying buying kole a truck, that’s respect

  • Kole is a super genuine, humble guy and you're both lucky to have eachother for friends.

  • That's a beautiful thing to do. I just blew the motor up in my truck and my older brother bought me a beautiful truck. I cried.

  • 7:25 lmfaoooooo 😂😫😝🤣

  • Man gives away a whole truck and didn’t even put it in the title. Mad respect

  • Wholesome 100

  • Oh my God that was so freaking funny!😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • A chevy man is now a ford man

  • Lol

  • go into a starbucks and give them your name for the drink then when they shout your name at the end of the counter act like they mustve recognised you because youre extremely famous and insist they take a selfie with you and get autographs

  • The truck for Cole was the wholesome content i needed this morning.

  • This was a good one. Almost had noodles coming out of my nose

  • i hope cole knows how much we love him! he is worth an infinite amount, he’s priceless! love ya cole so happy he’s consistently back in the vids ❤️ (also cole is the definition of a florida man)

  • Go to a laundromat and put a piece of clothing in each washer so nobody can use them!

  • Vlog Creations is an awesome channel. Ross is so funny. I started making prank videos again. One of my videos has 1.2 million views, I just uploaded a crazy new prank video. I've got a COVID prank video, sick skateboarding vids & lots of other cool videos. Check out my channel & let me know what you think

  • You should vacuume the beach

  • Amazing and wholesome video. I love Kole so happy for him! Awesome content Ross keep it up. 🤘🏼

  • ross couldn't find a homeless guy to do this to, so he had to use kole instead

  • awesome

  • God bless

  • We all love lil baby Cole

  • I haven't watched all the video yet but here's an idea you guys should make a part two of this video destroying Cole's old pickup God bless you all have a good day

  • Cole is a cool dude he deserves the truck I'm very happy for him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • It’s still a 2000

  • You got one of the biggest hearts on ESmain bro. Keep up the work. Truck looks sooooo clean! and going to a Great guy

  • But literally I was waiting for him to say some funny shit and say it’s a prank lmao

  • Awwww🥺🥺🥺

  • Its fucked up but that old lady has a good sense of humor🤣🤣

  • This dude is the definition of Livin' Like Larry

  • You know he's a genuine man when he thinks about his family and making sure that they are happy and safe.

  • I'm so happy for Kole he deserves it so much!!

  • I bet the wind wafted the smell to the women who said no before he even got close to them. They thought he shit his pants.

  • “What is it now?” LMAO

  • You should make looking at people funny and then putting my mask on

  • 11:07 is literally what I´d be doing as a dad lmfaoo trolling the kids all the time

  • Give people flowers in the store but they have to pay for it

  • This shit is fucking hilarious 😂😂😂 nigga is SO FUCKING AWKWARD WITH GIVING HIM THE TRUCK 😂😂😂

  • Is Cole paid for being in his videos, he is a good source of entertaining

  • Definitely one of my favorite videos, this had me laughing like crazy. 😂 Happy for Cole getting the new truck too. 🤘

  • @ the rental place. He looked like a caveman 😆


  • That was really nice Ross, it would of been funny if you call him later that night and tell him it was a prank

  • You deserve it man so wholesome

  • literally can’t think of a bigger stud that cole, he totally deserves this.

  • Buys his friend a car and puts fart spray flowers as the tittle lol


  • 7:20 lmaooooooooo 💀💀💀💀😂😂😂 he got rejected cuz he looked homeless

  • Dude that was so awesome. Im so happy you did that for kole. He really needed it with his new kid and all. Thanks Ross ill be sure to put this video on repeat for hours on my laptop with all adds run through all the way. I dont have enough to donate(i barely get by) but i can atleast support through adds for hours and hours

  • You need to mix the fart spray with cooking oil so when people try to get it off of their hands it won’t come off.

  • I mean you trying to buy me a new truck too????? Mine needs a entire new front end for it to pass inspection. I live in Vermont and it’s extremely strict when it come to inspections it’s gonna cost 4000 for it to pass

  • they say to this day.. its still a 2000.

  • Kole cracks me up 😂

  • I be thinking about the backstory on how you and Cole met, because its pretty deep 💓

  • You're a damn good friend Ross, keep it up bud, love the content

  • 8:59 You forgot artificially inseminated 👍🏼

  • What a beautiful heart you have.

  • Check out ayden Palmon channel jumping fire pit

  • I bet @demoranch will buy Cole’s old truck