Spraying Flowers with Fart Spray and Giving them to Girls

Publicado el 15 feb 2021
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0:00 Timestamps
0:02 Buying a new truck
0:16 Kole’s sick ride
1:12 Setting up the surprise
2:23 Giving him the truck
4:49 Buying flowers
5:15 Spraying Flowers with Fart Spray and Giving them to Girls for Valentine’s
8:04 2x4 skateboard
8:55 Milk break
9:19 Bringing Katherine flowers
10:50 Kole shows his fam
11:07 Brown trampoline
11:37 It was a 2000


  • 0:02 Buying a new truck 0:16 Kole’s sick ride 1:12 Setting up the surprise 2:23 Giving him the truck 4:49 Buying flowers 5:15 Spraying Flowers with Fart Spray and Giving them to Girls for Valentine’s 8:04 2x4 skateboard 8:55 Milk break 9:19 Bringing Katherine flowers 10:50 Kole shows his fam 11:07 Brown trampoline 11:37 It was a 2000

    • @Emiya Stop.

    • @General Jade you’re not*

    • @Hey It’s Nubs shut it

    • copy pasterd the time stamps and got 3.3k likes. a fucking genius

    • Posted 2 weeks ago impossible

  • That’s awesome Ross

  • I’ve been a big fan since forever ! Kole definitely deserves all this much love man ❤️💪

  • That’s a beautiful thangggg 😭

  • I’m watching your weight

  • Ross uses reverse clickbait

  • Super emotional moment of Ross giving Kole a truck... Anyway on to giving girls fart flowers 😂

  • She couldnt smell the fart spray because the covid mask ig lol

  • Ross your the best human ever. I could tell how happy you got watching your friend get happy himself🧡

  • This is awesome.

  • You should of put another sticker of a different car rental place

  • I am starting a petition to get Ross banned from ESmain for playing such cruel jokes like this!!! He is a Satan worshipper!!!

  • This is amazing, great dudes and I am very happy youtube recommended me this channel. harmless pranks and giving faith in humanity.

  • Ross what a friend Cole fuck ya congrats!

  • No your not Cole you are not worth more than that truck. Don't let Ross lie to you. Lol jk your a great part of everything Cole haha love you in the vids oh ya your car warranty is about to expire.

  • Came here for laughs left with tears. and laughs but ufkc off

  • Poor Cole when he tried to approach the lady with flowers she said no before he could even walk up to her 😭

    • This is SATANIC!!! These ESmainrs must repent otherwise they are going to the lake of fire!!! It's just not funny amymore!!!

  • “You’re worth more than this” everybody needs a friend like Ross.

  • Ah man thats the best thing ever 2 bros that are so close and do the nicest things for each other 👏 awesome

    • They must be exorcized of their demons!!!

  • Love cole

  • Happy Valentines Day I killed a bunch of flowers for you!

  • Dude this video was wholesome as fuck

  • 8:59 lol

  • How tf did he variale flip a 2x4 😂😂

  • that was gift was wholesome

  • ❤️

  • this friend group hits that sweet good spot bullseye on my sense of humor. so damn funny. thanks ross and friends for all the laughs all the time

  • That song you chose for the surprise sounded like someone left the door open on the truck the whole time 😂

  • Does he not pay Kole regularly???

  • calling for a baby to crawl over a pile of cow shit is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life

  • sugar daddy ross

  • Now its still 2000 xD HAHAHAHA 👍

  • That truck... what a beauty

  • I am so happy that I decided to subscribe for you guys ^^ I am looking for vloggers to watch for quite some time now..

  • Kole, never change.

  • his reaction on that truck is priceless🥲 well done ross

  • Kole is a good dude he deserves it

  • Ross you’re a great friend getting Cole that truck.

  • I love like n all but bruh the other dude put his head in the others dudes bum after nailing that skate board trick and I started laughing so hard hahah.

  • We ALL should strive to treat one another as well. Love the Vids, and Kole is 1 n a mill.

  • Why does Kole look like Logan Marshall-Green

  • Katherine is such a badass.

  • Sois los mejores

  • 8:30 lmao your laugh makes everything funnier.

  • 7:20 I think he’s just scaring them away with that musty ass beard he gots.

  • Love yo videos bro

  • Effing awesome. Ross every blessing goes out to you and your folks etc...friends. Upside down.forward motion ya know

  • Meanwhile, being Mr Beast’s friend...

  • kole driving his old truck "Jesus please dont take the wheel"

  • the title itself already had me levitating from laughter LOL!!

  • What an amazing woman. She still worries about our education and debt. I wish more people were like her

  • Can you please run for a government position dude, etc @Vlog Creations

  • Just going from them staying up at 3am, vlogging until 7am, waking back up and taking the kids for ice cream, "maybe one day making it". Then to this, makes me happy to see everyone doing so well, Ross and everyone around him more than deserve it

  • Cole is a legend.

  • how do you give more than 1 like?

  • Dude u are a true friend that touched my heart wished I had friends like you...keep being u bro u rock

  • Notice how he didn’t use “buyin kole a truck” as the title

  • This channel never fails to make me actually laugh out loud😹 much love guys!

  • now rent a rental car and give it to someone and have them think its theirs and ruin their day

  • That constant ding is actually the truck screaming "KILL ME! KILL ME RIGHT NOOOOW!"

  • U guys are awesome... Wish I had such a friendship.

  • The most Humble ESmainr in the world. Didn’t even put buying your friend a truck for click bait. Stay positive man spread those good vibes

  • What a great guy . Love the vids

  • i follow lots of prank youtubers but Ross is the only one that walks away with integrity and wholesome humor! your doing humanity a service!

  • Bro this dude deserves everything in the world. Kole has always reminded me of my boy who past away a couple years back and trust me that dude should get a house next 😂.

  • “God just let me get home today” Love you Kole hope that truck helps you out these videos are so awesome 👏👍

  • I was sad when he was talking about how he prayed to get home because of his truck

  • 11:40 had me laughin

  • You should’ve put the rental stickers on the old truck and drove it back to the rental place

  • Cole is one of the most kind a genuine people I have ever seen. It makes me so happy to see Ross do this for him!

  • Man that truck is sick as tits. God bless you and yours Ross and crew.

  • This is my favorite channel 100%

  • Best channel on ESmain😂

  • This is probably the best video on ESmain

  • Don’t let this distract you from the fact that if someone does a double vertical kick flip on a 2x4 wooden board, never celebrate by picking up the trickster by his ass when his still on the board, you will break your neck.

  • I wish I share a friendship like you to.Looks like I will be die n friend less and girlfriend less LIFE SUCKS 4 ME

  • fuck yeah bro best video so far.. great friendship

  • Can u guys shave cole

  • Anyone else cry? 😳

  • surely this is a parody of people who do lame pranks on ESmain ???

  • "dude that was my wife's favourite cup"

  • Why does he always sound like hes off a perc 😅🤣

  • I swear Ross is such a Wholseome and funny kind hearted guy. This man makes me luagh and makes my heart feel warm inside each time I watch one of his videos.

  • Simp😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • It was a 2000.

  • So wholesome and heartwarming

  • Only vlogs with replay value

  • You bought him a ford. That is an awfully cruel prank. Too far.

  • I thought you guys were gonna make love in the back seat at the end

  • I fucking love you Kole you’re worth more than you give yourself credit for. Such a huge part of the reason I fell in love with this channel

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  • That is so awesome! Never thought I'd get misty watching one of your videos awesome is the only word

  • Yes

  • Straight up a good friend

  • After hearing Kole scream in the trunk of that car when the phone was on mute, I could tell he's NEVER really screamed. Which means he's never screamed at any one. After only watching a few clips will Kole in them I knew he was a true kind hearted person. Like one of the True 100% Real Good Souls on this earth. But to hear him not just say "I Never Thought I Would Be Worth This Much " and you can tell he meant it, that he might be going through some stuff. We all have our own problems and our demons to face. Even the Real Souls have the same problems. We are all truly equal

  • His vids name we hit wiffle balls in a store. A random thing in the vid I landed on Mars

  • Hands down the best youtuber

  • This is so sick

  • Lmao I wish you would've told him that you paid the down payment and that he has to pay the rest

  • thanx you guys just crack me up....

  • The part where he tried to make Tucker crawl through s*** 😂😂😂😂