Super Glueing a Pickle Jar Lid and Asking Buff Guys to Open it

Publicado el 12 oct 2020
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Extinguishing Flame Paint Jobs on Cars in Traffic
0:37 Brainstorming

1:24 End Road Work
1:59 Saran Wrap Graffiti

3:19 Emergency Life Boat
4:23 Super Glueing Pickle Jar intro
4:51 Super Glueing a Pickle Jar Lid and Asking Buff Dudes to Open it

8:38 Schwarz Sesh
9:14 Baby Registry
9:38 Expired Tag

10:08 Neighbor’s Fence
10:43 Life Raft 2

11:20 Right Angle


  • 0:02 Extinguishing Flame Paint Jobs on Cars in Traffic 0:37 Brainstorming 1:24 End Road Work 1:59 Saran Wrap Graffiti 3:19 Emergency Life Boat 4:23 Super Glueing Pickle Jar intro 4:51 Super Glueing a Pickle Jar Lid and Asking Buff Dudes to Open it 8:38 Schwarz Sesh 9:14 Baby Registry 9:38 Expired Tag 10:08 Neighbor’s Fence 10:43 Life Raft 2 11:20 Right Angle

    • Dunno if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Find it on google :D

    • @iP1501 o

    • @Raymond Emsworth wtf

    • “You just gotta like slam the bottle on the ground” R E S P E C T

  • The guy who snitched looks exactly how I would expect a snitch to look.

  • Honestly half of this guy's pranks aren't even that funny. Spraying the fire extinguisher on the car was just stupid. I know I'd be pissed if somebody sprayed chemicals all over my paintjob.

  • The bald guy walked up like aight imma open this mfn jar

  • That was such a good prank and dude ruined the reveal. Like. Half the fun is the reveal and you ruined it bro. Come on!

  • 69 snitch gang

  • UK version Chav: "Yo, bruv. You know like, 'cause you're so buff you make me wanna workout and all... Can you 'elp me get a pickle out o' me jar innit?" A few moments later... Bystander: "Hello? Yeah, ambulance please... Hi, some man's just got put on his arse for asking a big man to see his pickle innit."

  • Guys a little easy on that fan!! He might read the comments and feel really bad

  • This would be such a good as for gorilla glue

  • I bet when that guy came and snitched all of the other people were like: my clown detecter is off the charts!

  • That "fan" just rose to the top of USA's most wanted list

  • Just a couple of strangers coming together to open a jar of pickles, beautiful human moment

  • That black guy's conditioning is so fucking amazing

  • I lost it when the woman hit it with the phone

  • Me:sees roadwork sign friend beside me:yeah I sure hope it does work

  • Superman but its actually supperman n he just feeds u dinner "no one goes without dinner"

  • These are good pranks. They are completely harmless, not like those other prank people that cause people to get really angry. I like it :)

  • I'm gonna follow him home and burn his house down (hahahahahahahahahahahahah) He'll be swimming with the fishes Me: hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I'm about to die of laughing

  • Girls: He's probably cheating on me :'( Him and the boys: 8:44

  • Those 3.5k dislikes are the guy who ruined the joke’s burner accounts

  • that guy who snitched what the fuck 😐

  • Dude that "fan" is one of the easiest persons to hate I have ever known lmao

  • That "Fan" is the type of person to try and put out a fire with Kingsford Lighter Fluid

  • 7:21 What a fucking Dork.

  • “VLOG CREATIONS” what a great title for yourself bro. He literally created a crowd with a simple pickle jar , my man 🤣

  • we should doxx the “fan”

  • The curb epsiode about men wanting to open jars.........

  • That person still pisses me off till this day 😡

  • That’s a rip for that kid these comments have completely ruined the man

    • good

  • for a lot of tour videos you need to get a better ideas bro like for example when u got a electrician to plug in the ps4😐😐cmon bro

  • What a idiot he should of just minded his business wtf

  • "Astronaut food" im ded

  • that "fan" after watching the video and reading the comments 😶👀

  • 100% type of guy to read all the terms and conditions before playing a game and is the type of guy to eat pizza with fork and knife

  • bruh the snitch

  • Why you snitch I got so pissed actual peice of shit

  • "discretely" drop pills into girls drinks but miss and drop them on the ground

    • Yeah, no

  • What a dick to call him out like that

  • Anyone know the dudes @ that ruined it?

  • What the fuckkkkkkkk?

  • Freeze dried food doesn't go bad. The expiration date is for the internal air pump. If it slowly loses air over time, it won't be able to fully inflate any more.

  • "Juice is coming out! Thats Amazing!"😂

  • Bro why did he ruin that. It was about to be a 20+ gathering. He ruined it.

  • Came here because daily dose of internet channel.

  • does Ross have a belly ring? 🙄

  • Should've used a really hot chick to ask buff dudes to open that jar bro lol

  • 7:16 That guy ruined the prank smh

  • bro wtf did he gain from snitching like tf

  • 0:26 that guy's Tshirt is on fire too, wonder why they didn't save him🤔

  • 7:15 no way!!! Lmao Ross decks a fan

  • That kids a lame

  • Your jokes aren’t funny. You don’t want people to ruin it? come up with better material This is like impractical jokes but not funny lol It’s just lame

  • That girl was so cocky lmao. She honestly believed she would get it before that huge dude. “I guess if u can’t get it with rubber gloves then I won’t be able to get it” 😂😂😂😂 okay hun 👌🏻

  • why he tell

  • I did the same thing with my hair. Now I’m a celebrity for some reason.

  • Knobs

  • dude ruining the fun has a negative amount of chin.

  • This is my type of humor

  • What an ass for ruining the joke.

  • At least he didn't put it in his hair

  • I like how nobody's wearing mask

  • Prolly that kid is the "Quite kid" at his school

  • Curb your enthusiasm? Larry David is a genius

  • 7:20 man that guy sucks. Beta sob

  • Bruh fire extinguisher powder damages the crap out of car paint

  • For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life-John 3:16 ✝️

  • This is the most Florida thing video I have ever seen today

  • Next ask people,can I smell you

  • “You guys know it’s a prank right?” We gotta intellectual titan here ! Thanks for prematurely ruining the prank buddy

  • 8:01 Left hanging.. a bit...

  • I have seen this the first time 2000+ quality

  • Bro there’s like 6 humans gathering trying to open a fkn jar 6:18

  • What an a hole

  • I hate that dude that snitched

  • What a great conversation starter

  • 10:28👌love it.

  • Can someone expose that snitch of a fan please?

  • Buff guy: uses strength Lady: uses intelligence Man: uses creativity

  • Wow that dude killed the joke 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • That snitch was so lame 😒

  • I think you're hilarious, but using a fire extinguisher on someones car isn't okay. As ugly as the paint job may be, it was probably expensive, and is bad for the paint.

  • Kind of a gay idea? I mean, if ur into that it’s cool, but this is subtle offhandedly gay just so u know lol no offense! Nothing wrong with it! Just informing u, it’s gay lol

  • everyone wasting their time while he makes money

  • Look at the snitch trying to act cool. He ain't cool. He's pathetic.

  • Anybody from gorilla glue girl?

  • I miss the old ross

  • Yo SNITCH GUY WHATS YOUR @ SUPERMAN ? Fucking Hero. Huh wanna be a hero huh buddy! Yea!

  • Legend has it that snitch went home and could never open another pickle jar.


  • My Hair... It Don’t Move

  • This is like me trying to open a pickle jar without glue

  • I wish people would lay off being a fan as being an old pal

  • How was it pickle juice if it wasn’t open lol someone had them sweaty palms 😂😂

  • what a turd

  • I want part 2 of this "pickle prank" Plz.....

  • The end road work was fucking hilarious lmaooooooooooo

  • That "fan" looks like if an offbrand version of Logan and Jake paul had a kid

  • Follow him home and superglue his pickle jar closed

  • 8:40 when arnold schwarzenegger chocks

  • That "fan" has such a huge ego thinking that ruining a prank would be funny then to say "im a huge fan!". Hope you enjoy all these people saying your a loser, Karma.