Switching Push/Pull Signs on Public Doors

Publicado el 8 mar 2021
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Ping Pong in Van
1:15 Eli on Vogue
1:46 New rides
2:13 Vocab Words of the day
3:02 Car museum
3:50 Ping Pong in Van 2
4:18 Switching Push/Pull Signs on Public Doors
6:14 World’s Fastest Music Box
7:00 Calling Two Friends thinking they called each other
8:42 Brown Trampoline
9:18 Supreme Hot Dog
10:56 Vocab Last Word of the day


  • 0:02 Ping Pong in Van 1:15 Eli on Vogue 1:46 New rides 2:13 Vocab Words of the day 3:02 Car museum 3:50 Ping Pong in Van 2 4:18 Switching Push/Pull Signs on Public Doors 6:14 World’s Fastest Music Box 7:00 Calling Two Friends thinking they called each other 8:42 Brown Trampoline 9:18 Supreme Hot Dog 10:56 Vocab Last Word of the day

    • Cool dude this is a great channel

    • Deliver fake packages but when they answer the door, smash it

    • Green

    • I love this group of ppl man

    • You should make fortune cookie fortunes and show the casheer

  • Bro how can you get away with doing that in a van very sketchy

  • Hi

  • Lemme just say I love the timestamps and the pranks, actually funny, no cringe, no one gets hurt, you're the best

  • 4000th comment

  • who wrote "suddle" instead of "subtle"

  • One hit of acid. Make 500 videos. Grate channel bro. Genius level comedy.

  • Subtle

  • Eli on vogue should be printed and put in a supermarket at checkout and see how many people buy it

  • Who’s the girl pushing the door in the thumbnail?

  • Suddle

  • man in the middle attack WTF

  • Call to people like you did, but act as if you got called to😂 that be fucking hilarious

  • I like how he spelled subtle in the subtitles lol

  • wait so Kole is a psychonaut??

  • “suddle”

  • 5:30 "Suddle" Subtle

  • Those estwing axes are so sweet!

  • I’m the replacing the door sighns I wonder what the person who watches the security cameras is like Him:y do they keep pushing the door and then pulling it🤨

  • Your a mad lad

  • Yeah I’m car guy and all those classics I love it

  • Guy at 5:10 after walking away like, "I've been stumped." Haha

  • I agree

  • "Suddle"

  • suddle

  • I bet no one got the reference ross made about shrooms

  • 5:26 “Such a SUDDLE thing” Who’s this man doing subtitles 💀

  • Why is billy not in the videos anymore

  • y’all dancing to rage fast music box killed me 😭🤣

  • I love how in the same video we get a n English class before they subtitle a later video saying "suddle" instead of subtle 😆

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  • I love how fast they went on there new ride

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  • do a vid with Danny Duncan

  • 1:26 brothers right?

  • He’s actually kinda right bout the male model thing lol

  • I Was Here At 1.555.666 Milllion Views

  • I'm the one that tells people to do things that there already doing-Cole

  • If he tried this in any other state than Florida he'd be in jail

  • There's no plus size male models because men don't get triggered when they see male models looking better than them.

  • Naught naughty

  • Props to whoever spelled subtle as "suddle" in the captions

  • this is so unsafe on so many levels + a child is in that van.

  • "He been here before" Every waffle house customer.

  • I know this is random but I love the fact that we’re both car guys

  • Suddle

  • everyone loves eli


  • Mad lad

  • That cell phone truck would not have worked because the caller ID would show that whosever got the phone is calling them ...

  • 9:47 He was chewing for so long

  • Well its push from the inside

  • "suddle thing"

  • 5:28 not a very subtle misspelling tho

  • Dad bods magazine

  • After phone prank must call Andrew or second guy and talk like: "Why you calling me?" He is like: "No, you calling me, this happens again 5 minutes ago"

  • Suddle. Real suddle.

  • I’m here from fake jake

  • Hol ip is that the Florida waffle house? I think I know where it is

  • Where can i buy the hoverboard?

  • Great video but the red bar titles were pretty hard to understand.

  • Air frying recipe hahahahaha bru laughed so f ing hard dude but no cussing demonetization

  • Why the whole video black 😂

  • This is pure evil

  • What’s the name of the guy with a lot of hair he’s pretty

  • Also put a sign on restaurants (cause some Asian ones do it then it may be believed) saying shoes and socks off

  • Try the SLIDE sign on the doors

  • I feel like im hanging out with you guys when i watch your videos 👍

  • U should put a GEO emblem on ur van

  • My mom’s a freedom writer 😳

  • Suddle

  • One like = One plus size male model not included in magazines

  • "Is that a Roy's roice" 🤣😂

  • 5:58 LOL

  • 1:40 Eli, what a g

  • and this is why no matter what it says i only pull

  • It's such a "suddle" thing. Yeah, like stepping in a pubtle.

  • The perfect vlogger dosnt exi- "Timestamps for the part you want:

  • I'm just imagining how funny the Interaction would be if they got pulled over while playing ping-pong

  • Might wanna change your thumbnail because it’s a push door and you put push on it, so uh, get it right

  • Eli actually looked pretty cool on a vogue cover ngl

  • Suddle

  • cole always hi

  • “especially the stuff that grows out of it”😂😂😂😂

  • “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

  • I liked that magic mushroom reference :)

  • Nah but seriously there’s no such thing as a plus sized male model It’s bull crap that they’re telling women to love themselves no matter what but then leave the guys to suffer in silence Just like the social construct that men don’t cry We are far from gender equality and the people who “fighting for equality” are concerned about the wrong gender

  • Talking about vocabulary earlier but then the video says "suddle" instead of "subtle" 😂

  • Turn all lights to green on intersection challenge

  • Mad respect for you guys putting a time stamp slide

  • malum prohibitum i know exactly what you mean 🛸

  • Pretend to be blind and go to the DMV for a driver’s license

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  • Make believe you work in a Walmart and help people

  • open a restrant in your van for a day

  • Why don’t any of you wear masks in public??

  • You should go to a dealership and test drive a car then when you come back have the same model of the car and have it ruined like you crashed it

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  • The Waffle House is 1min away from my house

  • You went to the dicks at utc in Sarasota

  • in germany it is not alowed to have tinted windows in the driver and pasrger seat and it is not alowed to seat on a couch when the car is driving even when you put seat bels on ther but why

  • SUDDLE hahahaha