Trading in a Game for Store Credit then Buying the Exact Same Game with the Credit

Publicado el 17 ago 2020
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Blinker fluid
1:00 Bees
1:16 Insecure about my height
2:00 Free shovel
2:43 Driving balls at a mini golf course
4:44 Danger
4:58 Point and laugh
5:43 Trading in a game and buying it back
7:51 BMX adventures
8:41 Off roadin’ backwards
9:40 It just says no
9:52 Small talk with my millions of subs
10:19 Dad watch!
10:30 Milkman
10:36 Make a difference


  • 0:02 Blinker fluid 1:00 Bees 1:16 Insecure about my height 2:00 Free shovel 2:43 Driving balls at a mini golf course 4:44 Danger 4:58 Point and laugh 5:43 Trading in a game and buying it back 7:51 BMX adventures 8:41 Off roadin’ backwards 9:40 It just says no 9:52 Small talk with my millions of subs 10:19 Dad watch! 10:30 Milkman 10:36 Make a difference

    • @Blinky no

    • 10:36 Nothing compares to the feeling of making a difference in someone's life. I get that same feeling every time I cross paths with someone & make a difference in their life like you did. Thanks for being real unlike all these other people buying Lambo's to create ESmain content. Thank you for the quality pranks & nothing but good vibes!

    • bruh then you should've sold it back again

    • @SVTimes 1320 you know her personally?


  • Blinker does exist.

  • Honestly I dm you on Instagram a while back showing you the exact product used in this clip 0:02

  • Your dope asf bro

  • Awwe that's amazing helping that girl you're an amazing person ross

  • 7:37

  • 3:27

  • Dude, what a downer at the end.

  • She so happy for the money cuz she won't be dope sick anymore after she sees the dealer with it......

  • I didn’t actually think he was gonna drive on the mini call course 😂

  • Disliked, you were supposed to use the store credit to find the same game to buy not Literally ask them to buy your copy back. You Literally confused all the employees and killed the joke.

  • Comes out Ross has a feelings, thumbs up bro

  • @7:50 Ross runs a stop sign

  • The ending of this actually made me cry as I could literally feel it hurting me as I was holding back, but then his roller coaster video was next so that made it better

  • Make a difference scene, Proud of your Ross I’d do exactly the same thing.

  • This Covid has caused a lot of people to go homeless! Not everyone is able to have fun like you all everyday! Lol no need to cry bout it tho uve just been dealt a better hand!

  • Rewatched for like the fourth time due to the end, your the best

  • Dude rose came in clutch for the woman.

  • Ross your killer bro

  • Eli's fat ass let him grab the shovel he didn't wanna get out

  • That shit at the end hit.

  • Anyone else peep the stop sign he ran through?

  • That dollar 💵 that he gave that lady GOOD GUY

  • Alternative title: running errands then doing what the title says. Then running more errands

  • Legend. Keep up the good work ross

  • Should of used some binoculars when golfing, throw off the folks haha

  • good job ross

  • ross your amazing for doing what you did to that lady. you brought tears to her eyes and probably gave her so much more motivation to keep pushing!

  • I wasn’t crying at end. I wasn’t🥺

  • wasn't expecting to watch this video and cry tonight!


  • I’d be embarrassed if my email was barkingspiders

  • A guy commented this idea and it happened

  • "extra, but not an absurd amount" considering how generous Ross is with refusing to clickbait titles and abuse people around him for viewership, I don't trust this man at all. I feel like he handed her at least $100 and is lying to us

  • 5:15 funniest part

  • 3:58 goddamn lmao

  • He had to give a thumbprint to sell a game?


  • nice

  • 11:37 HE WAS crying bruh

  • He made me cryyy

  • Danger-Ross= dangerous

  • I really don't like prank channels, but for some reason this one's good. Never anything over the top, just silly antics and the end of the video seemed about the most genuine I've seen from these kind of channels.

  • Love you Ross

  • Dead ass my favorite ESmainr. You're real bro thank you for all you do jokes and all. Living your best life man. Helping others live theirs. 😎✌❤

  • Imagine he killed someone hitting golf balls like that in the mini golf place

  • Ross baby, if you dont start wearing your seatbelt at all times I stg I will come to Florida and whoop ur ass

  • Really funny video bro! The end was awesome! Glad to see u really care! Need more like u in the world!

  • You’re awesome

  • Ross is such a great guy

  • People from gamestop just have no soul haha

  • The end made me cry ❤❤❤

  • How can you buy something from someone then they try to seek it back to you for more before you even leave ahhahah that’s why GameStops going out of business

  • Ross, you are legendary brotha 🖤

  • I now make it a point to give people some cash if they need it because of this guy right here. I feel the same way charles does. Instead of looking at it like oh you're wasting your money or "you're getting scammed", if you can spare a few bucks you might be someone's lifesaver if not only for a short amount of time. So if you can part with a couple bucks why the hell not.

  • Gamestop's be scandalous

  • So many gold moments captured in one video!

  • And that's why I watched this channel like all day, nonstop catching up on these videos cause I fuckin love these guys. Ross(charles?) Idk your name lol you're a legend dude and a genuine person!

  • The thing is though, I've given money to someone like that before, and it was literally just a quarter, so that she could ride the bus. She said she only needed one quarter and she reacted the same way that lady reacted to you... but then she goes off and asks more people for money. Alot of the time people that are asking for money use that money for drugs. It's a sad truth, but drugs are a big thing with homeless and poorer people. I dont give money anymore. I'll either go get what they want, give them any food or drink I have with me, or I'll pray for them.

  • Something times the people that make everyone laugh hurt the most

  • i remember a while ago when i was like 10 i had saved up like 100 dollars for a lego set i wanted but i decided i wouldnt use it on myself i decided id give it to the person in front of me in line who was struggling to find money to pay for their clothes and the feeling you get when you know you just helped someone and made them happy is a feeling like no other

  • Ross,brother man I love you dude

  • As a father of 2 married 22 year old living paycheck to paycheck i can tell you a 50 dollar bill takes so much stress and weight off our shoulders. I cant imagine what shes going through to react like that. Youre a great man. (Idk how much you gave her. Just giving an example.)

  • "Why is there a maker on the 3 inches" HAHAHAHA

  • 10:36 dats why u my favorite youtuber now 💯

  • Love your heart and how yu don’t blow up the very ending but you in turn blow it up in a beautiful way. God Bless yu brother.

  • love this video

  • Love this stuff man 💜💜💜

  • Would of also been funny, if Ross had returned the game, then walked and picked the same game from the shelves and had the same guy ring him up.😅

  • Ross you make me wanna better myself dude

  • you Ross have a BIG FUCKING

  • Yes, that was kind.

  • I actually started to tear up.

  • The fact that he got mad at his friend for almost jumping out into traffic and then he got emotional at the end is just so heart warming, it shows that he is a real human and not just a goofball.

  • Ross keeping that GME price up! 💎🙌

  • Why would this video even have any dislikes crazy that people are the much of a low life almost 2k people to be exact

  • Funny and kind! Such a good combo

  • Get a console and trade it in for a game that requires that console


  • Why is there so much I'd in america like wtf

  • Ross is just one of the best people ever

  • Thank you

  • Your videos help me through every day man, thank you for your good vibe videos! ❤️ much love to everyone


  • Omg i want everyone to be like you! You're amazing

  • That’s last 15 seconds had me crying man

  • The ending hit deep 🥴

  • You should got to a damn

  • Now do trying to turn in used GME stock once it crashes

  • So this is why Gamestop's stocks surged...

  • Ross is such a nice person

  • Gimmie $10 and youll own me

  • God bless you man good things are going to happen to you all year 💯👌🏽

  • Damn bro, youre a hell of a guy Ross! That last bit choked me up, i love all your videos bro but this one is in my top 3

  • Is he for real 13 years old or a joke 10:20

  • That women is so buying meth

  • Bruh how did no employee come up to him like bro this isn’t an actual golf course don’t be driving the golf balls like that before u put someone in the hospital smh 🤦‍♂️ lmao😂💯💯

  • Jesus loves you and he died for your sins so that you could have eternal life

  • Create an embarrssing name on your email address and say it when the employee asks for it

  • 11:10 😭😭😭