Using the Top Part of the Toilet for a Week and Hiring a Plumber to Fix it

Publicado el 1 mar 2021
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0:00 timestamps
0:02 Drone in Hotel
0:37 Fishing for shark
2:13 JJ mole Piercing
4:07 Fishing 2
4:28 Drone 2
4:56 The PS5 hookup
5:20 Not paying for free sample
5:42 Using the Top part of the Toilet
10:50 JJ’s mole removal


  • Always hooking us up with the fishies @BlacktipH 0:02 Drone in Hotel 0:37 Fishing for shark 2:13 JJ mole Piercing 4:07 Fishing 2 4:28 Drone 2 4:56 The PS5 hookup 5:20 Not paying for free sample 5:42 Using the Top part of the Toilet 10:50 JJ’s mole removal

  • That lady commenting on his starfish was just rude :( he ain't hurting it or anything and there's nothing wrong about it. People like her are a problem

  • Get a crazy looking bus and pull up to the bus stop. See if people get on...


  • Why is there a infra red flashing going on in the end

  • Hire a mechanic to fix your toilet

  • Which is the flool plump?

  • Dude I would've just left the home, gone home and died lmfao I dont know how that man did that, you need to link his business.

  • Respect to yall becose yall remove te kawk

  • Literally too far for a prank 🤣

  • When that one guy is asleep you should glue a fake mole back in that spot and see how long it takes for him to notice.

  • Bro you had it blurred when you were pulling it from the sink and I still gagged

  • Just super glues the mole back to his other side while he’s sleeping 😴 😂

  • Nasty bro

  • this video is now in my top 10 for pranks that are way too funny to ever forget about. I so needed this thank you 🤣🤣

  • I bet when you were little you would do the same shit with your parents sad

  • Bro! no youtube channel can make me laugh as hard as this one!

  • Is that BlacktipH I see with you?

  • Any time Ross is dressed up as a kid it’s so hard to watch

  • I can't believe potty humor is still so funny!

  • If you don't read the title, each prank feels like us the main one until the next one

  • when he grabbed the poop the plumbers eyes went O_O

  • Oh I must be thinking of something els I’m dying 😂😂😂😂


  • Did he just shake his hand after he was picking up shit with it multiple times? xD

  • That woman was annoying until I did intense research (googled it in 10 seconds) and even though nobody gaf starfish can only live out of water 3-5 mins 😭😭

  • "But that one's for number 1" omg you're killing me!

  • This may be the grossest thing y'all did!

  • Calling a carpenter to make you a house in Minecraft

  • The fear in the plumber's face

  • 1:15 what a karen

  • Did you just grabbed a shark

  • 9:13 which one is a plump

  • 7:04

  • Should of called it a dingle berry

  • OMG hahahahaha

  • Hello. 👋🏼 Jesus is coming back soon, 🕊I wanted to tell you to find God, 🙏🏼 before it’s too late. 😇 Have a blessed day.

  • I just realized he should have put beans in the toilet bowl

  • When Ross dad and Ross mom were trying to make a baby 8:44

  • can't survive of the . They will soon exposed to open air. These are breathing and can use only their dermal gills present on the upper surface of the body to breathe.

  • I love how you snuck in the spaghetti-o fuel pump reference lmao

  • The fucking mole piercing killed me.

  • Clog Creations

  • How is Ross able to not laugh??!

  • i litteraly almost shat myself

  • “this happens too much” best part🤣🤣

  • I feel like I can smell it

  • Dude no

  • I started to smell the shit thought the screen 😭

  • he really took a picture of a shit lmfao

  • The look of hopelessness when he removes the back. Like ptsd after a war

  • Ross you are a real one for making real content man! I looooove these vids

  • pretend to be a famous rapper

  • To much sombreros haha

  • That is legit fucking disgusting dude omg🤣

  • I read "using the pop tart of the toilet" and I was very confused

  • Plumber...instant regret

  • Bro on everything life has to offer that was so funny I was actually crying


  • You should’ve said you didn’t like the mole off and asked if she could put it back on 😂

  • you need to re-do that plumber prank. has to be one of the best ever

  • His confused face 🤣

  • It might just rip my mole off 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Put yourself on a Missing Person poster, and go around town asking if people have seen this man as he was last seen 3 months ago.

  • Dude was so so patient. Mad respect.

  • I hope you paid that plumber x100

  • That mole held the power..

  • Cool.

  • Once he opened the toilet all his energy left his body

  • Call a baker and have them come over and get you baked

  • hey

  • 7:57 his face got me crying

  • this is ridiculously funny

  • I had to skip the mole piercing. For reasons.

  • The sink is for #3 throw up or diarrhea

  • Would've been hilarious after that person complaining bout your picture with the starfish you said something like oh no I'm going to eat it don't worry

  • just torturing animals for fun This is so stupid and such an florida clichee

  • War crime

  • Greenpeace hates you now.

  • That's the nicest plumber on earth

  • 5:42 this is crappy


  • Imagine this is his first day of job as a plumber😂😂😂

  • Fucking died of laughter man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The complete look of terror on the fish at 1:07 😂

  • My sister just watched a full episode it's official

  • Only in Florida

  • I love how Ross always wears that small tie dye shirt . He looked extra stupid with the big headphones

  • Bro why did he look so sad after it was revealed it was a prank? He legit looked like he was gonna cry 😂 Probs thought the guy was disabled

  • Why sre you jackasses not talking about him literally catching a shark? This man takes a shit in the wrong part of the toilet and you flood the comments- but no one cares that he caught a predator of the sea

  • What was that Song at the start?

  • I kept reading that as the Pop Tart of the Toilet, instead of the Top Part of the Toilet.

  • This guy should change his channel name to "Florida Man"

  • Wait a sec did the girl at the mall say the same thing then the doctor ok now I'll start believing on that deja vu stuff

  • "Ross creations" more like "GRoss creations

  • Never known of anyone as committed to pranks as Ross is😭😭

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  • He took a double Decker

  • Go tho the beach in snow gear

  • Why do you only have 2 mil

  • Nole